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Amrut Greedy Angels 10 Year Old Chairman’s Reserve Single Malt (55% abv)

This impressive Indian single malt is the delicious work of Amrut. This release of Greedy Angels was matured in ex-bourbon casks for a whole decade before bottling at a generous 55% ABV. The liquid was presented in this rather elegant crystal decanter, complete with glass stopper. The title comes from the Angel’s Share, the name given to the whisky that evaporates during maturation. Those angels can be greedy indeed, but they didn’t get their hands on this whisky!

Amrut Greedy Angels 10 Year Old – Peated Rum Cask (57.1% abv)

A rich, smoky Indian single malt whisky from Amrut’s Greedy Angels series, matured for 10 years and finished in an ex-rum cask, before being bottled in October 2019. Woody aromas mingle with smoky peat, sweet spice and marmalade on the nose, developing into sour cherry, cocoa and sweet vanilla. The palate offers notes of butterscotch, candied citrus fruit and tropical fruits, followed by camphor, soft smoke and rum-soaked raisins.

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Amrut Nilgiris Indian Dry Gin (42.8% abv)

The inception for a distilled gin was laid down as a team at Amrut, however, the preliminary work on botanical research was really initiated by the late CMD Shri Neelakanta Rao Jagdale. The idea was to create a profile that was unique to India and one that was reflective to its namesake, Nilgiris. Nilgiri mountains is part of the western Ghats of India, over 7000 ft above sea level; offering an array of botanicals that exhibit an indigenous flavour to some of the commonly available species and herbs. Nilgiris has a vast area dedicated to tea plantation and grows a variety of Indian spices. The research included multiple trips to the Nilgiris, foraging numerous botanicals and distilling them individually and as a part of a compound recipe; understanding its organoleptic nuances within a broad flavour chart. The use of Nilgiris tea and spices are a fitting representation of the rich flavours the blue mountains has to offer. The packaging has allusions to the phenomenal expanse of the blueness of the mountains and the vivid colours of flora.

Amrut Portonova (48% abv)

This is the Travel Retail version of the Amrut Portonova, where the ABV is taken down to 48 % ABV. It has been matured in ex-bourbon, port pipe and again ex-bourbon cask.

Nose: Cool and earthy. Rhubarb in a dunnage warehouse. Vanilla and soft oakiness. With time deeper notes of sweetness. Cinnamon, pepper, nuts, coffee and leather.

Taste: Medium body. Quite dry in character. Again rhubarb, and again earthy notes. Rather green – hay and dried herbs. Sweet, dry wine.

Finish: Medium long finish. Orchard fruits. Still rather dry. I pick up more and more green notes now – cut grass, menthol and eucalyptus.

Amrut Peated Cask Strength Indian Single Malt Whisky (62.8% abv)

A huge peated whisky from the most unlikely of sources! Amrut is an Indian whisky distilled in Bangalore, though the peated barley has been imported from Scotland. This whisky is peated to 24ppm, similar to a Talisker in smokiness. This is a whisky of enormous character, with almost peerless heat and spice. Bottled without chill filtration, artificial colouring, and at a huge 62.8%, this ensures that maximum flavour makes its way to the drinker’s glass. On the nose this whisky offers up classic Amrut notes of buttery, toffee’d oak, with the peat slightly restrained here. It is on the palate that this whisky really springs to life, with huge peaty cereal notes, hints of smouldering charcoal and burnt sugar. The finish is long and lingering, with woodspice and savoury smoke. It’s easy to see why Jim Murray gave this whisky 92 points! Fine Drams

Amrut Intermediate Sherry Single Malt Whisky (46% abv)

This whisky has been matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and virgin oak casks before being matured for a year in Oloroso sherry casks and then finally being finished in bourbon casks again.

Amrut Single Malt Cask Strength Whisky (61.8% abv)

The purest expression of Indian Single Malt whisky! Bottled at high proof without coloration, without cold filtration and matured in bourbon casks, this single malt is a perfect balance between the pastry notes of bourbon and oak, the richness of Indian barley and the sweetness and bitterness of citrus fruits.

Amrut Kadhambam Single Malt Whisky(50% abv)

Matured in 3 different cask-types – ‘Bangalore Blue Brandy’ casks, Rum casks, and Oloroso Sherry Butts.

Amrut Bagheera (46% abv) Gift Pack with two Glasses

This Amrut, whose name means “black panther” in Hindi, is made from 99% unpeated malted barley and 1% peated malted barley. The whiskey has undergone a finish in a sherry cask.

Tasting note:
Color: Amber.
Nose: Complex, walnut, almond, caramel and vanilla.
Taste: Rich notes of toffee, apricot, peach and orange.
Finish: Long and persistent with notes of vanilla and a nice hint of peat.

Amrut Single Malt Whisky (46% abv)

Amrut’s flagship Indian single malt, showing their signature character of spice, fruit and honey. Bottled at 46%, it has the depth of flavour needed to properly showcase the distillery.

Amrut Fusion (50% abv)

Fusion is a particularly apt name for this fantastic single malt whisky from Amrut. Y’see, it’s made with barley grown in India, where the Amrut Distillery can be found, as well as peated barley from Scotland! Makes sense, right? Not just a clever name, it’s also a cracking whisky, offering up generous helpings of fresh fruit, honey, spice and a good whiff of smoke. Master of Malt

Amrut Naarangi Single Malt Whisky(50% abv)

The Naarangi is a very intriguing, inventive release from the Amrut distillers in India. Using casks which previously held a combination of oloroso Sherry, matured wine and orange peel for three years, they matured a three year old single malt whisky for a further three years, which has resulted in an expression with bright, expressive orange notes shining through.

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