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Cabin Brewing Co. “Golden Hour Belgian Blond” 4 pack 473 ml cans

Sometimes, simple is best. Like sitting during the final hour of the day – the golden hour – where all that surrounds you is amplified in soft, glowing light.


Like sipping a simple but well-crafted ale – one that radiates with a gentle golden hue and subtle aromatics, encapsulating all that is incredible about the Belgian brewing tradition.

Golden Hour Belgian Blond has a wonderfully simple grain bill featuring Franco-Belges pilsner malt. It’s crackery and ever-so-lightly toasty. The Belgian yeast strain does all the work here, giving an array of honey, pear and white pepper aromas, with just the lightest juicy fruit aromas and flavours. It finishes mostly dry, with a lingering, rounded sweetness.

Deceptively simple. Wonderfully delicious. Take time to enjoy the Golden Hour.