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Fallentimber Traditional Mead

This medium-sweet mead is created by combining the honey from our region and the age old craft of meadmaking. This mead has a floral aroma, mildly sweet character and a well rounded finish. It has a clean and simple taste. This mead recipe forms the backbone of many of our other spiced and seasonal batches. Pairs perfectly with Roast Chicken & Curry Dishes.

Meadjito – Fallentimber Meadery (5.5% abv) 4 pack 355 ml cans

This session mead has been blended to a perfect balance of citrus, sweetness and mint. Using only fresh ingredients and of course the beautiful Ryan’s Honey Fallentimber has created this mead to be super crisp, clean and consumable. Poured over ice it will produce a pale clear/green that will have the glass sweating and you looking for more!

Mr. Pink – Fallentimber Meadery (5% abv) 4 pack 355 ml cans

Mr. Pink is a cyser that also implements raspberries into the mix. Quite dry and floral with honey, apple and raspberries on the nose, and beautifully pink hue in the glass.