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Dry-Hopped Kettle Sour (The Final Test Batch) – Blindman Brewing 4 pack 473 ml Cans

Our final test batch before this we settle on a permanent hop blend. A tart, dry wheat beer with hints of tropical fruit and hops.

Establishment Brewing Co. Super Fusion (5.5% abv) 4 pack 473 ml cans

Do call it a comeback. Remember that micro-batch pink guava kettle sour we had on tap for a very short time? The one that we later made available in cans for a slightly longer time? Well, every time, Super Fusion’s absence makes our hearts grow fonder, so we brewed another batch.

As a refresher, this beer is a Catharina Sour: a style born when the ingenuity of craft beer met the warm embrace of seasoned brewers — what a tropically fruitful marriage. It tastes kinda like a typical Berliner Weisse took a spa vacation to the islands and came back re- fermented and perkier than ever.

Four Winds Brewing Co. – Nectarous Dry Hopped Sour Ale (5.5% abv) 4 pack 473 ml cans

Four Winds Brewing feels this is one of the best examples of a mixed culture, American style sour ale in Canada. This is their most award winning beer, bringing home” Beer of the year” in Canada 2016 and various silver and gold medals at the Canadian Brewing awards over the years. In pursuit of sour, complex acidity balanced by tropical fruit esters, gives way to a clean, tart finish.


Lavender Sour – Moody Ales (4.9% abv) 4 pack 473 ml cans

Co-fermented with ale yeast and lactobacillus plantarum for a clean profile and soft yet lemonade-like sourness. Aged on local hand-screened lavender flowers from Windward Lavender Farm in Chilliwack.

Nicely tart with a big lavender aroma and light lavender spiciness in the finish. Drinks like a lavender lemonade and soothes like aromatherapy.

Phillips Brewing Dinosour Blackberry Sour Ale (4.2% abv) 4 pack 473 ml cans

This fruit beer pours a beautiful pale pink colour with aromas of watermelon, blackberries and sour apple. Sharp carbonation and light in body, a firm sour flavour is balanced with moderate fruit sweetness, finishing puckeringly dry. Soured with our house-isolated strain of Lactobacillus, Dinosour packs a delightfully tart bite!

S.Y.C. Brewing Co. “Pineapple F.O.M.O” Sour Ale (5.2% abv) 4 pack 473 ml cans

A tart kettle sour with an abundance of citrus and tropical fruit flavour.

Spectrum Beer Company “Hot Pink Lemonade Sour” (5% abv) 6 pack 355 ml cans

A light and refreshing introduction to sour beer. The Lemondrop hops and fresh lemons provide a delicious tartness that’s balanced by the addition of fresh raspberry juice.

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Spectrum Beer Company Margarita Gose (5% abv) 6 pack 355ml cans

All the refreshing flavour of a classic margarita, without the nasty rum hangover. Brewed with fresh lime juice, salt and a little Belgian candied sugar (to replace the simple syrup in the cocktail), Margarita Gose is light, crisp and refreshing enough to remind you that, oh yeah, it’s time to book another Mexican vacation.

Tofino Brewing “Wonders of Nature” Kettle Sour (6.5% abv) 4 pack 473 ml cans

It’s that time of year where we look forward to spending time in nature. But remember, what you take in you you also take out. And if you can’t make it to nature breweries will try to bring it to you. Tofino Brewing’s newest sour, Wonders Of Nature 5.5% Kettle Sour. A lacto kettle sour…