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Acquavite Barrique Giusti

Intense, elegant, suave and complex, BARRIQUE GIUSTI grappa ages in small oak casks for the necessary time to enrich its bouquet with the distinctive, sweet aromas of the wood. In fact it is here in the casks that its flavour is also enhanced by the magical encounter between the distillate of pure white and red pomaces and the wood. That is the secret that lies behind BARRIQUE GIUSTI grappa and its distinctive, unmistakeable bouquet.

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Acquavite Giovane Giusti

Young and crystalline clear Grappa with a big personality, GIOVANE GIUSTI is a pure, fresh but distinctive spirit. This white grappa is obtained with a blend of pomaces coming from red and white grapes known to be outstanding for distillation. It lies for more than two months in large used oak Tonneaux before being bottled, thus giving the product its typical mellowness.

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Bastille 1789 Single Malt Whisky

Crafted by a visionary distiller this uses barley from the north of France and is aged in Limousin oak casks for a uniquely French take on the spirit. Layered with dried apricot, cocoa, strawberry and grainy aromas; the palate is medium with an earthy note and repeats from the nose. Very velvety with a long smooth finish.

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Falernia-Pedro-Ximenz-Reserva 2016

Pale straw yellow in color, brilliant, very attractive nose with floral and tropical fruit flavors, nice medium body with balance of acidity and an attractive minerality, coupled with a long, crisp and refreshing finish.

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Foxtrot Wapiti Cellars Rose

This dry Pinot Noir Rose has inviting aromas of strawberry, rhubarb and orange peel. The bright red fruit flavours and round mouth feel is balanced by bright acidity on the finish, making this an ideal wine to accompany a meal.

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Kendall-Jackson Jackson Estate Camelot Highlands Chardonnay

Grown on the hillside above the Santa Maria Bench in Santa Barbara, the premium blocks of the Camelot Highlands Chardonnay vineyard are dedicated to the Jackson Estate bottling. The ancient vines in these blocks have struggled through daily dense fog for over forty years on their own roots stretching down to the prehistoric, seabed soils below. Pineapple, mango and papaya with a creamy, lush, rich palate. Notes of cinnamon, candied lime and vanilla crème brûlée create an appealing and lingering finish.

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Masi Valpolicella Dell’anniversario Vintage 2010

Elegant, original, with good structure and complexity. This is the archetype of Valpolicella as described by Hemingway, “as friendly as the house of a favourite brother”.

Made on the historic estates belonging to the Conti Serego Alighieri, who for more than 650 years have been part of the tradition and the culture of the Valpolicella region.

The personal aristocratic style of this wine is enhanced by the use of the exclusive Serego Alighieri clone of Molinara and by maturation in cherry-wood casks.

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Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey (40% abv)

Agreeable means you get along. And Old Overholt does just that. It’s renowned for its outstanding mixability in classic cocktails like the Old Style Manhattan (look it up). The one and only Old Overholt is 80 Proof and aged 3 years.

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Quinta do Cume Reserva 2014 White

This wine is mainly produced from the grape variety Malvasia Fina and comes from a vineyard with of 600 meters height.

Lightly oaked, with just 30% of the juice held in french oak barrels for just three months. Lovely elegant white wine, gracefully balanced, crispy and intensely flavoured on the mouth, simply a pleasure to drink.

Pure and bright with a nary a hair out of place. For all of this elegance and harmony, it is persistent on the finish, which makes it hard to resist!

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Saint Clair Family Estate- Pioneer Block 15 Pinot Noir

This vineyard is in the Lower Waihopai Valley directly west of Blenheim. Owned by Neal and Judy Ibbotson the clay based soils provide a vigour-moderating environment conducive to growing top quality Pinot Noir. Named Strip Block after a unique, narrow strip of devigorating clay soil at the base of the southern foothills.

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Sokol Blosser Dundee Hills Pinot Noir 2012

The Dundee Hills Estate Pinot Noir captures and expresses the delicate fruit characteristics associated with this varietal, and it is balanced with structure and age-ability. In order to achieve this balance Sokol Blosser combines a couple of key distinctive winemaking techniques. They increase structure and complexity in the mouth feel through a lengthy post-fermentation maceration making up about 70% of this blend. To retain the pureness of the Pinot Noir fruit characters expressed early in fermentation, the other 30% has limited skin contact by removing the wine from the skins immediately following fermentation. The entire Estate is represented in this cuvee with a percentage of each block coming together in a single blend.
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