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1950 Glenlivet Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Gordon & MacPhail

A stunning vintage single malt that was produced at the Glenlivet distillery in 1950 and bottled, having spent over half a century in cask, by Gordon & MacPhail in 2001. This highly collectible Speysider comes in fantastic condition complete with original wooden presentation box.

1955 Strathisla Gordon and MacPhail (40% abv)

It is becoming increasingly difficult, almost impossible to find vintage whiskies these days.

Thankfully over the years Gordon and MacPhail have released bottles like this, a great old Speysider distilled in 1955 and then aged 42 years before being bottled in 1997.

This is part of the Gordon & MacPhail Distillery Labels series, which replicates the livery the Elgin-based bottlers used in the mid-20th century when they produced the only official bottlings (under license) for many distilleries like this.

1994 Vintage Buffalo Trace O.F.C. Bourbon Whiskey

Buffalo Trace Distillery has announced their fourth release of the coveted O.F.C. Bourbon Whiskey, distilled in 1994 and aged 25 years.

This is the fourth O.F.C. Vintage release, and like the previous releases, the 1994 Vintage will arrive in a wooden display box containing a provenance card. Inside the wooden box lies a crystal bottle with real copper lettering in-laid in the bottle with a hand applied paper label. The label on the back of the bottle notes the milestones for the year 1994. The provenance card contains the same information found on the back label.


anCnoc 35 Years Old 2nd Release (41% abv)

Aged in American oak ex-Bourbon barrels, just 670 bottles of anCnoc 35 Year Old Second Release are available globally.

“The 35-year-old second release is a special expression for anCnoc, having been matured for more than three decades in our traditional dunnage warehouses which still retain their earthen floors and add so much to the quality and character of this special liquid.”

“The second release has lain in ex-Bourbon barrels, offering fans something slightly different to the original expression. Our limited edition is a testament to the 35-year-old’s popularity with whisky lovers worldwide and we’re confident that this unique release will entice drinkers to add it to their collections.”

Antique Lions Of Spirits “Butterflies” Series Collector Set of 6 Rare Whiskies

The Butterflies Collection is the second Sansibar ALOS Collection which contains 6 high-quality top fillings  in rare short runs offered here as a  collector set. Here are the details and tasting notes on the whiskies:

  1. Speyside Region Malt 1973 – 51.6% – 44 Year – Sherry – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Tropical fruits – papaya, guava. Bananas, orange peel and vanilla. Taste: Nice fruity – apples, bananas, honey, grapefruit and pears. Finish: Long and fruity, hints of oranges and spices.”
  2. Bunnahabhain 1989  – 41.3% – 28 Year – Refill Sherry – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose:  Pineapple, sweet wine, apricots and apple compote, with ginger, cloves, and hint of salt. Taste: Fresh fruits, herbs, tobacco and licorice. Finish: Sweet, earthy and floral, with fine herbs and nuts.”
  3. Irish Malt 1989 – 49.3% – 28 Year – Ex-Bourbon – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose:  Bananas, hint of vanilla and maracuya. Taste: Mango, passion fruit, vanilla, grapefruit peel. Finish: Long and fruity, hint of lemon and grapefruit.”
  4. Bladnoch 1990 – 49.4% – 27 Year – Ex-Bourbon – Nose: Apricots, papaya, hint of vanilla, honey and sweet lemons. Taste: Apricots, grapefruits, and limes, little grassy. Mint notes and hint of mint. Finish: Long, grassy, warm vanilla.
  5. Bowmore 1991 – 48.7% – 25 Year – Ex-Bourbon – Nose: Hay and seaweed with fruity notes of pears, lemons and hint of menthol. Taste: Medium Peat, gooseberries, Grapefruit, passion fruit. Finish: Long and briny, tropical fruits.”
  6. Glenrothes 1997 – 57% – 20 Year – Sherry – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Barley notes, baked apples and oranges. Hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Taste: Hints of marmalade, apples, ginger and light tobacco. Nutty notes. Finish: Soft herbs, nice sherry influence without overdoing it.
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Antique Lions of Spirits “Savannah” Series Collector Set 6 Rare Whiskies

It contains 6 high-quality top fillings  in rare short runs, which are offered here as a  collector set . “Savannah” shows atmospheric exotic animal scenes in jungle and savanna landscapes in gorgeous color printing. The bottle boxes and the exclusive content of the bottlings redound highest in quality and design lovers claims .

1 . Speyside Region Malt , 42 years, 1975/2017, 49.2%, 378 bottles, Fino Sherry Cask

2.  Irish Single Malt , 28 years, 1989/2017, 49.9%, 211 bottles, Bourbon Cask

3 . Glen Keith , 24 years, 1993/2017, 47.3%, 297 bottles, Bourbon Cask

4. Springbank , 20 years, 1998/2018, 48%, 243 bottles, Sherry Cask

5. Octomore / Bruichladdich , 6 years, 2011/2017, 51.9%, 258 bottles, Bourbon Cask

6. Clynelish , 20 years, 1997/2018, 54.2%, 253 bottles, Bourbon Cask


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Benrinnes 40 Year Old Platinum Old & Rare (42.1% abv)

This single cask comes to us from family-run indie bottler Hunter Laing & Co. Specially selected and bottled for the Heritage series in the Platinum Old & Rare Selection, this expression was distilled at Benrinnes in Speyside in 1979. Matured for four full decades, it has been bottled at a natural cask strength of 42.1% abv free from all chill filtration and artificial colouring. Just 208 bottles have been produced of this limited edition.

Big Peat 1985 33 years old finished in Cognac & Sherry Casks (47.2% abv)

The oldest Big Peat ever released, this dram has been finished in a combination of sherry and Cognac casks, following its lengthy maturation. The bottling contains spirits from different distilleries around Islay, with each of the whiskies included distilled in 1985.


Bladnoch 1988 30 Year Old Connoisseurs Choice (55.8% abv)

Distilled in 1988 at Bladnoch distillery, this Lowland single malt has been matured in a refill sherry hogshead for three decades, before being bottled in April 2019 for Gordon & MacPhail’s Connoisseurs Choice series.

Bruichladdich 1984 “All In 32 Year Old Rare Cask Series” (43.7% abv)

“These whiskies when tasted leave me speechless. They are in their prime, the last of their kind and can never be repeated, never recreated. Nothing quite like them will ever be seen again.”

The 1984 is drawn from just 12 casks of classic Bourbon-aged Bruichladdich, a style Adam considers to be: “the ultimate expression of our spirit. The fruit, the faint salt tang, the signature elegance is all there with layer upon layer of vanilla/butterscotch complexity.”


Bruichladdich 1985 “Hidden Glory 32 Year Old Rare Cask Series” (48.7% abv)

“These whiskies when tasted leave me speechless. They are in their prime, the last of their kind and can never be repeated, never recreated. Nothing quite like them will ever be seen again.”

The 1985 comes from the final 22 casks of legacy stock originally filled into gentle third fill bourbon casks that lay untouched until 2012 when it was re-casked into fresh Bourbon before a final coup de grace in French oak from one of the greatest French chateaux.

Bruichladdich 1986 “The Magnificent 7 ” 30 Year Old Rare Cask Series (44.6% abv)

Ultra-rare. This is our elegant, floral Bruichladdich with intense, full-term Sherry maturation. First filled into Oloroso butts in 1986, this spirit lay untouched in our loch-side warehouses until 2012 [already 26years old], when our then master distiller Jim McEwan decided to supercharge this sublime single malt by filling it into our privileged parcel of Pedro Ximinez butts from winemaker Jan Pettersen at Bodega Fernando de Castilla.