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A De Fussigny 1995 Vintage Cognac (43% abv)

Bouquet Floral notes with the vine flower, honey and peach at entry. Then dry citrus come in with notes of vanilla and oak wood.

Palate Harmonious and round with various notes of dry fruits right away (apple, citrus and peach) subsequently merging with subtle hints of oak and mahogany woods as well as fine notes of vanilla and chocolate. Well balanced with long finish.

Serving: An expression to enjoy neat for special occasions. Goes well with any type of cigar.

Courvoisier Vintage Connoisseur Collection 21 Years Cognac (40% abv)

A rarity in the cognac world – one with an age statement. Courvoisier kept strict records on some casks, which allowed them to publish a 21-year statement on the label. The eaux de vie here hail from the praised Grand Champagne cru, which is supposed to produce fine Cognac with its chalky soil. From the start, this is an elegant Cognac. Rich toffee, candied fruits, spice and floral notes on the nose along with vanilla, marizan and figs make this spirit smell like the perfect dessert. The palate is equally praise-worthy with hints of spice cake, raisins, vanilla creme, lavender, and burnt sugar. Oak tannins begin to appear towards the back palate, adding some astringency. A touch of leather is also present. The long finish features sweet fruits followed by a wave of baking spices, soon turning dry. Wow! A wonderfully exquisite blend from Courvoisier. Please, please, please don’t mix this one. Sip and savor slowly.