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Barrelling Tide Rhubarb Gin (40% abv)

A seasonal gin from Port Williams, Nova Scotia that has the fresh taste of organic rhubarb, in harmony with our traditional botanicals.

Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Gin (40% abv)

The gin, which is distilled and bottled at Blackwater’s micro-distillery in County Waterford, uses 100% soft fruit grown in the neighbouring county of Wexford. After distillation, strawberries and blackcurrants are macerated in the liquid to give the gin its colour. Peter Mulryan, Blackwater’s distiller, said: “This is a dry gin, not a sweetened liqueur. We’ve simply use strawberries as the hero botanical! “As such this is a seasonal gin, so we will cease production when the strawberries run out.” Wexford Strawberry Gin is Blackwater’s third gin release, following the classically styled Blackwater No.5 and the Juniper Cask variant.

Brecon Chocolate Orange Gin (37.5% abv)

From Penderyn’s distilleries Brecon Gin range, flavoured with the famous pairing of chocolate and orange. Starting with Brecon Special Reserve Gin, adding the chocolate and orange for an indulgent gin experience.

Burwood Distillery Cool Cucumber Seasonal Gin

A series of small-batch, seasonal gins best enjoyed amongst friends and foliage.

Light and refreshing, our Cool Cucumber Gin offers an earthy, herbal complexity. Cucumbers and baby dill – natural companions in the garden and complimentary in flavour – make this the perfect slow sipper. Mix with tonic or soda on ice, or try it in a Caesar for a new take on a quintessential classic.

Burwood Distillery Triple Berry Seasonal Gin

A series of small-batch, seasonal gins best enjoyed amongst friends and foliage.

Tasting Notes

Naturally vibrant in flavour and hue, our Triple Berry Gin balances sweet strawberries, tart raspberries and rich black currants alongside the classic gin botanical – juniper berry. Make this non-traditional gin your new summer tradition over ice or with citrus and soda.

Dutch Courage Apple Gin (40% abv)

Zuidam Distillers is one of the last independent distilleries in the Netherlands that still makes and processes all its distillates and extracts in the traditional way within its own family business. Based on pure natural resources, they create a wide range of liqueurs, gins, gin & whiskeys. Naturally, no artificial colors, fragrances or flavors are used. The same attention that they pay to the taste of their traditional quality product can be found in the design of their bottles and packaging.

Dutch Courage Apple Gin is made according to the same recipe as the normal Dutch Courage Dry Gin which uses fresh citrus fruit  and in this case calvados and fresh apples which  is macerated into the spirit. The Apple Gin is made in a fairly small edition of only 5,000 bottles …

Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Gin (40% abv)

If you enjoyed the Edinburgh Gin’s Rhubarb & Ginger Gin liqueur we have a sneaking suspicion that you might also enjoy its Rhubarb & Ginger Gin! All your favourite fruity and spicy flavours bottled at 40% ABV, complete with a subtle rosy pink hue. 

Kapriol Grapefruit & Hibiscus Gin (40.7% abv)

Starting from the traditional recipe of Kapriol Dry Gin , the best Sicilian grapefruits and the best Italian Hibiscus flowers are selected. A unique combination. The botanicals are first infused in alcohol of cereals of the highest quality, and then distilled in the historical stills of 1947, built by Antonio Padovan.

Kapriol Gin Grapefruit & Hibiscus , presents the nose with a combination of the bitterness and the sweet citrus of the pink grapefruit which elegantly enriches the olfactory sensation of the product giving it complexity and delicacy. On the palate the explosion of hibiscus flowers emerges, accompanied in the end by a strong but balanced note of grapefruit.

Kapriol Lemon & Bergamot Gin (40.7% abv)

Starting from the traditional Kapriol Dry Gin recipe , the best lemons and the best bergamot from southern Italy are selected, so that the characteristic flavor of these citrus fruits is combined with the balsamic notes of the juniper of the Dolomites. A formidable combination that unites the geographically more distant realities of Italy. The botanicals are first infused in alcohol of high quality cereals, and then distilled in the historical stills of 1947, built by Antonio Padovan.

Kapriol Gin Lemon & Bergamot , presents itself on the nose and on the palate, the freshest notes of lemon pleasantly strike the senses, followed by the more aromatic notes of bergamot, the taste remains pleasantly characterized by lemon.

LoneWolf Cactus & Lime Gin (40% abv)

The classic LoneWolf London Dry gin is given an extra layer of citrus and fragrance in this LoneWolf Cactus & Lime Gin. A classic Juniper backbone is layered with lime and topped up with the juice from pressed cactus and Queen of The Night, an elusive and fragrant cactus flower that only blooms at night. Spiky and bold notes of lime citrus with sweet, fruit bursts of watermelon and lychee from the cactus and flower elements of the recipe.

Lonewolf Cloudy Lemon Gin (40% abv)

Fresh Sicilian lemon peel is macerated for seven days in the signature LoveWolf Gin before being bottled. The resulting gin retains the classic juniper backbone of LoneWolf Gin whist taking on the zest of the lemons to create a sharp, citrus burst. The addition of the lemons also results in a visible yellow lemon haze.

Newfoundland Distillery Co. Seaweed Gin (40% abv)

Our seaweed gin, made using seaweed (dulse) harvested from the Grand Banks. Slightly salty, full of juniper, it is like being in an ocean mist, next to a herb garden and is the savoury (flavour wise rather than herb wise) companion to our cloudberry gin.

This gin was awarded a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2018 and a silver medal at the 2018 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition.