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Boomsma – Young Genever Jonge

This 100% pure grain gin gives light aroma of juniper berries. Double distillation adds extra smooth character. Experience the full sensation of its refined and natural taste when slightly chilled.

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Cirka Gin Sauvage

Our Gin is an expression of the wild aromatic treasures found in Québec’s boréal forest. Starting with our own spirit base, we distill in a customized pot still using a specialized botanical basket. This technique allows the warm vapours to extract the delicate botanical oils infusing subtle flavours into our gin. The result is a unique and complex gin that can be enjoyed neat or mixed in cocktails.

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Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin is an oriental-inspired spirit from The Shed Distillery in Co Leitrim. Taking its name from one of the signature botanicals, slowly dried Gunpowder tea, the recipe also includes lime, lemon and grapefruit. This will work best with a Mediterranean tonic water.

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Eau Claire Distillery Cherry Gin

Cherry Gin is Eau Claire Distillery’s fourth release. The Alberta-made spirit is a London-dry style gin, infused with sour cherries and over 12 unique botanicals. Subtly tart, with a hint of natural sweetness, this gin is a great addition to your cocktail repertoire or as an aperitif.

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Malfy Gin Con Limone (41% abv)

Malfy Gin is an Italian gin is made using a selection of six botanicals, as well as an infusion of Italian coastal lemons, including some from the Amalfi coast.

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Nikka Coffey Gin (47% abv)

The Coffey Still is the world’s first patented continuous still invented by Mr. Aeneas Coffey in 1830. The excellence of Nikka’s Coffey distillates has been widely recognized through our Coffey Grain and Coffey Malt whiskies. In 2017, a new gin and vodka joined Nikka’s Coffey range to further show the uniqueness and beauty of this traditional type of column still – the Coffey Still. These expressions are the integration of Nikka’s Coffey Stills, expertise in distilling gin and vodka since the 1960s and blending skills inherited from the founder.

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Old Prairie Sentinel “Barrel Spiced Gin”

Moonshining was a lucrative enterprise during Alberta’s prohibition period. Territorial rivalries amongst “shiners” prompted some to add spices and flavours to create demand for their own brand. Local rum-runners would transport “tanglefoot” by rail in oak barrels, often issuing bribes or threats to ensure safe conveyance of these coveted spirits. This era is the inspiration behind our Barrel Spice Distilled Gin, respectfully crafted with period-specific botanicals and spices before being charred oak barrel rested. Tasting notes: A spice-forward culmination of nutmeg, clove, ginger, cinnamon, orange peel, vanilla, star anise, espresso, sarsaparilla, oak and smoke from barrel resting and some malted barley sweetness with a peppery juniper finish.

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Park Distillery Alpine Dry Gin

Distilled with glacier fresh water right in Banff National Park, with hand-picked Canadian Spruce Tips defining our London dry style of Gin.

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Poli Marconi 46 Gin (46% abv)

Artisanally distilled with vacuum bain-marie pot still.

MARCONI 46 is an Italian gin artisanally distilled and obtained from a unique infusion of juniper berries, muscat grape, mountain pine, cembra pine, mint, cardamom and coriander reminding of the Asiago plateau in the north of the Veneto region, where the Poli family comes from.

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Raw Peppercorn Gin

Tellicherry Peppercorns are highlighted in this bold, yet sophisticated gin. Select botanicals and Alberta Rye sourced from local farmers sets the stage for this incredibly flavourful expression of gin.

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Shortcross Gin (46% abv)

Shortcross Gin is made by Northern Irish craft gin distillery, Rademon Estate. This small batch gin is made using their custom made still, which features a 450 litre copper pot still and two enrichment columns. Using intriguing botanicals like fresh apple, elderberry and wild clover, as well as juniper, coriander, orange peel, lemon peel and cassia, they produce a vibrant, floral style of gin that befits savouring it neat, as well as enjoying with tonic.

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Ungava Premium Gin

The unique colour of this spirit comes from the mix of Arctic sourced botanicals that include cloudberry, labrador tea, rose hip and more. Medium lemon yellow in colour; aromas of juniper, herbal tea, spice and tart fruit; dry and medium-bodied followed by a warm and spicy finish.

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