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La Bota 65 Ron “Bota NO” Single Cask Rum (44% abv)

This rum is sourced from one of the stunning butts—formerly used to age oloroso—in the same solera that gave birth to our prestigious 2013 cask strength release. The difference in this case is that this is a single cask bottling from a butt that has been emptied exceptionally for this release.  We have also decided to bottle it at a more civilized 44% alc. instead of the native 50% alc.


Lemon Hart Rum 1140ml

Lemon Hart Rum has aromas and flavours of brown butter, dark burnt sugar, molasses coffee cake, and leather with a supple, bright, dryish medium body and a honey flavoured cheery finish.

Lemon Hart Rum 750ml

Lemon Hart Rum has aromas and flavours of brown butter, dark burnt sugar, molasses coffee cake, and leather with a supple, bright, dryish medium body and a honey flavoured cheery finish.

Malecon 12 Years Old Reserva Superior Rum- Panama (40% abv)

Another wonderful rum from Panama, this time produced by the Rum Malecon company. This company uses distinguished, ancient, Cuban recipes and high quality Panamanian sugar cane to produce their delectable spirits. This rum is distilled from molasses. It has been aged in recharred former Bourbon barrels for over 12 years, producing a rum of a rare richness and complexity. On the nose this rum is sweet and dark, with aromas of dried fruits, coconut, almonds, mango and banana. The palate has a medium body, with a little woodspice and oaky flavours, giving way to the same fruits of the nose, whilst adding a creamy chocolate flavour. The finish is short, with a little cinnamon and toffee.

Malecon 18 Year Old Reserva Imperial Rum(40% abv)

The 18 Year Old Reserva Imperial from Rum Malecon brings rich notes of dark chocolate and tropical fruit to the table, balanced by a soft salinity developing in the background. The whole range is inspired by Cuban rum production methods, and was even named after a street in Havana.

Malecon 20 Year Old 1999 – Rare Proof (48.4% abv)

A delectable Panamanian rum from Malecon.

Based on a traditional Cuban recipe, this rum takes its name from a famous street in Havana. It is distilled from molasses in column stills.

A 1999 vintage, aged for 20 years, this is a rum of a rare quality indeed.

The rum opens with notes of sweet, smoked oak and tropical fruits (mangos and bananas especially), soon followed by milk chocolate, leather, vanilla pod, prunes and dried cherries, slight grass, a touch of mint and burnt sage.

20 years is a mighty maturation in the heat and humidity of Central America, and it shows with this rum delivering a dizzingly, luscious complexity.

Bottled at a cask strength of 48.4% ABV, this ensures the drinker enjoys this spirit’s full intensity.

As good a Cuban-style rum as you are likely to encounter.

Merser & Co. Double Barrel Rum (43.1% abv)

Rum blending house Charles Merser & Co. hails from the Hayman family, and is London’s first rum blending house in over a century! The rum itself is distilled in the Caribbean, but is blended in London. In keeping with the traditions set by London’s merchant blending houses of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, there’s no sugar or colouring to be seen here, just good old fashioned rum rested in oak.

The bottle represents more than meets the eye too, with the dimpled bottle representing the River Thames on which rum was transported, while the hound and post logo is a little nod to the days when most Londoners couldn’t read, and would follow symbols to find their way to merchant houses. On that note, Merser literally means ‘merchant’ in Old English.

Mount Gay Eclipse Amber Rum

Bright medium amber colour; fragrant aromas of molasses, white raisin, caramel, vanilla and clove; on the palate it is full bodied and warming, with flavours of Demerara sugar, candied ginger, caramel and vanilla spice that linger on a long finish.

Neptune Rum-Barbados (Foursquare Distillery)(40% abv)

By Neptune’s beard – it’s Neptune Rum! This is a blend of eight, five and three year aged golden rum distilled from pure sugar cane molasses at Foursquare Distillery on the island of Barbados. That blend was matured in American bourbon oak barrels before it filtered using a specific cold filtration process and diluted with soft spring water to its bottling strength of 40% ABV.

Neptune Rum is perfect for enjoying over ice or with your favourite mixer. The name also also definitely a reference to the Roman god of freshwater and the sea, not the eighth planet in our solar system or 1990s/2000s hip-hop production duo. As such, the ocean is extremely important to the folks at Neptune, and they work continuously to support environmental action projects and ocean restoration throughout the world.


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Noxx & Dunn Rum

Carefully selected rums aged in the humid Florida climate for 2,4 and 5 years are blended to create this flavourful and rich rum. The rich colour is directly imparted from the barrel which also imparts light spice.

Plantation Artisanal Rum Cigar Box Gift Set (41% abv)

A set of six 100 ml bottles of Plantation Rum. This is a great way to try rum of different styles and from various countries. Inside is one each of: 3 Stars White, Original Dark, Grande Reserve, Guatemala and Belize Gran Añejo, Xaymaca and 20th Anniversary XO.

Pusser’s 15 Year Old Navy Rum (40% abv)

An older release from this classic Naval brand. Pusser’s takes its name from the “ship’s purser” an officer at sea who would handle the finances and also dole out the rum every day, known as a “tot”.

Originally designed to recall the rum that was served on British Naval vessels, Pusser’s was made with a blend of Trinidad and Guyana. This 15 year old is strictly made with Guyanese rum, known for being heavier and richer than other Caribbean spirits.

The spirit has been distilled in a combination of column and pot stills, including some from Diamond distillery’s famous wooden pot still. After 15 years of maturation, it has picked up plenty of maturity and depth – Pusser’s uses Scotch-style age statements, meaning that 15 years is the minimum age, as opposed to the average in a Solera system.

As expected, this is a fudgy and thick rum, with notes of milk chocolate, treacle, liquorice, hazelnut, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, dried fruits, apple, creamy coffee and a little caramelised citrus peel.

Pusser’s 15 year picked up a Gold Medal at the 2018 Rum Masters, whilst at the 2019 edition of the competition it was deemed a “Master” in the Dark Rum Over 12 Years Category. Notes by Fine Drams