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Boulder Pink Gin (47% abv)

Eleven botanicals just were not enough for us. We start with our New Western Style Boulder Gin, then add macerated pink grapefruit zest and pink rose petals. Our “pretty in pink” gin will bring and gin based cocktail alive with a zesty tang and floral delight.

Boulder Pink Gin is distilled, handcrafted and hand bottled in our distillery in Boulder Colorado.

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Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla (20% abv)

A sweet, juicy and almost festive liqueur from the Edinburgh Gin folks, combining their excellent gin with plum and Madagascan vanilla.

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Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur (20% abv)

Reminiscent of Turkish Delight, our lavish Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur is a delicate blend of sweetly floral aromas and red fruit flavours.

Inspired by the luxurious flavours of the Orient, the initial notes of fragrant rose give way to juicy pomegranate and lingering citrus notes.

This liqueur will add a candied, aromatic edge to cocktails and fizzes, and is an excellent companion to tart citrus flavours.

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Emporia Mediterranean Gin (45% abv)

The myth of the Phoenicians, people of skillful leaders and traders, relives in the delicate taste of a fine Gin, distilled from Phoenician Juniper berries, infused in very fine neutral alcohol obtained 100% from wheat. A secret blend, in which the experience of the master distillers, mixes with the water of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the aromas of the main botanicals typical of the Mediterranean, generating, through a double distillation process, a unique and rare flavor, with a historical aftertaste. Perfect both in pure form and mixed in cocktails.

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Hendrick’s Gin (44% abv)

Hendrick’s wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusions: rose petal and cucumber.

“Handcrafted gin with traditional botanicals, juniper, coriander, and citrus peel but the special infusion of cucumber and rose petals creates a unique & unexpected flavor.”- Wine Enthusiast

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Hendrick’s Orbium Gin (43.4% abv) Limited Edition

Orbium is a reimagining of Hendrick’s Gin by our Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie. Instilled with additional extracts of Quinine, Wormwood and Blue Lotus Blossom, the result is an oddly exquisite gin that sits roundly on the palate.

It is almost certainly not for everyone.

Orbium contains the same distillates as Hendrick’s Gin, however, the same remarkable mind that broke conventions by infusing gin with essences of cucumber and rose has now taken gin in an altogether new direction by infusing flavours that are traditionally associated with classic gin libations; quinine found in tonic (Gin & Tonic) and wormwood found in Vermouth (Martini Cocktail). But it is not yet quite Orbium.

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Isle of Raasay Gin (46% abv)

The Isle of Raasay Distillery, the maker of the first legal spirit from Raasay, has released its first Hebridean gin. The spirit is made with a blend of botanicals including juniper, rhubarb root, lemon peel, orange peel, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice root, orris root and cubeb pepper, as well as Raasay’s own triple-distilled base spirit. The juniper was sourced from the island itself, with the assistance of local botanist, Dr Stephen Bungard. The 46% ABV gin is described as “fresh and aromatic, with bursts of juniper and orange, and a rich rhubarb note”.

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Malfy Blood Orange Gin (Con Arancia) 41% abv

It is no trickery, the vibrant colour in the bottle is gin! Malfy Con Arancia is flavoured with Sicilian blood orange peel to give it a natural orange/red colour. The Blood Orange also gives it an incredibly fruity, mouth-watering flavour.

Blood Oranges are a prized variety in Sicily where they are harvested in November. The peels are steeped in alcohol and infused in a basket press before being blended with more botanicals for distillation in a stainless steel vacuum still.

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Malfy Gin Con Limone (41% abv)

Malfy Gin is an Italian gin is made using a selection of six botanicals, as well as an infusion of Italian coastal lemons, including some from the Amalfi coast.

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Malfy Gin Con Rosa (41% abv)

Malfy Gin Rosa’s key botanical additions are Pink Grapefruit peels sourced from Sicily and Italian rhubarb. Pink Grapefruits are a prized variety in Sicily – ripening at lower temperatures, this fruit acquires a yellow color with deeper pink hues as winter sets in. For centuries Rhubarb has been an essential ingredient in Italian bitters and aperitifs. Pink Grapefruit peels are gently steeped in alcohol and pressed in a basket press. The infusion is then blended with juniper, rhubarb and other botanicals before being distilled in a stainless steel vacuum still.

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Malfy Gin Originale (41% abv)

While Malfy Gin Con Limone showcases Italian coastal lemons, their Originale expression showcases a juniper-forward flavour profile. Using wild Italian juniper alongside five further botanicals, the Malfy Gin distillers bring Originale down to bottling strength using water from the Monviso mountain extracted at the village of Crissolo.

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Poli Marconi 42 Mediterranean Gin (42% abv)

Poli Marconi turns this gin into a real experience. A wonderful taste brings Italy very close and if you hold the 42 Mediterranean to your ear, you can hear crickets and cicadas. With the soft and sweet taste, we put ourselves in the position of the Mediterranean the first time we enjoy it. Mediterranean herbs characterize this tasty gin. Juniper berries are combined with thyme, mint and rosemary. Not to be missed, classic for Italy, is the basil aroma. Long soft and aromatic finish.



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