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Adelphi Glenborrodale 8 Year Old Batch 6 Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (46% abv)

Batch 6 of Adelphi’s annual blended malt consists of Highland Park, Bunnahabhain, Tamdhu and Glenrothes. The combination was transferred to sherry butts fourteen years ago and topped up with an eight year old sherry cask release from Glenrothes (hence the younger age statement). Bottled in 2018 non chill filtered and with no added colour. 1500 bottles world wide.

Notes From Adelphi… Nose: smoked meat with warm toast, butter and heather honey. Palate: dark cherries with white peaches and kiwi compote finished with some Nutella. Finish: rich and round. 46% Alc./Vol.

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Angels’ Nectar Blended Malt Whisky Rich Peat Edition (46% abv)

As the name suggests this is heavily peated. Bottled at 46% Vol., our Rich Peat Edition has been created from a selection of Highland malts. This whisky oozes peat like the welcoming smoke from the chimney of an old farmhouse in the Highlands, which is followed by a subtle fruity sweetness akin to toffee apples and dark chocolate. The peat is smoky rather than medicinal.

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Benromach 100 Proof 10 Year Old (57% abv)

A big whisky, not just because it is bottled at 100 proof (57% abv). This is smokier than expected with a respectable and warming amount of peat coming through on both the nose and the palate. There are also some good sherry cask notes which add a balancing sweet and fruity touch. Love this whisky!

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Bruichladdich Black Art 6.1 1990 26 Year Old (46.9% abv)

The sixth edition of Bruichladdich’s Mysterious Black Art, the second created by head distiller Adam Hannett. Each cask selected by Adam to be included in the mix is at least 26 years old, and the low natural cask strength of 46.9% suggests an aged elegance. He’s not revealing the recipe and all we know is that some of the whisky has been finished in interesting casks – it’s dark and jammy with rich, deep and intense fruit balanced by spice, chocolate and the underlying sweetly fruity Bruichladdich character.

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Game Of Thrones “House Lannister” Lagavulin 9 year old

Lagavulin 9 year old Game Of Thrones Edition is an Islay single malt, representing House Lannister.

As one of the richest and oldest dynasties in the Seven Kingdoms, House Lannister will stop at nothing to retain its power, influence and hold on the Iron Throne. Their voracious intent is befittingly represented by a clawing lion on the House’s banner. If you cross then you will indeed hear their thunderous and violent roar, which has left many houses in ruin. After all, a Lannister always pays his debts. The Lannister’s rise to the Iron Throne required years of meticulous calculation and tenacity, much like Lagavulin’s rise to legendary status, which has been over 200 years in the making. Lagavulin is a roaring single malt that leaves its intense smoky flavor on your palate with every sip. The golden liquid recalls the Lannisters’ riches, and is best served neat or with a single drop of water.

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Game of Thrones “House Stark” Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost (43% abv)

Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost is a single malt from the Highlands, representing House Stark and featuring a fearsome direwolf on the label.

In the vast cold expanse of the northern lands of Westeros, the lords of House Starkruled as King in the North for generations. Stoic, noble and pragmatic, House Stark swore allegiance to the Targaryen crown and kept faith for nearly 300 years and to House Baratheon when the Targaryens fell. However, overly noble stoics can be vulnerable and the Stark words heard often in the halls of Winterfell ring true. Winter is coming. The Stark’s resiliency, strength and ability to thrive under the most intense situations are greatly shaped by Winterfell’s frigid temperatures. Like House Stark, Dalwhinnie is made in one of the highest and coldest distilleries in Scotland, and its extreme conditions are responsible for shaping its signature honeyed sweetness and spicy warmth. Naturally, it’s best served chilled or over ice.

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Game Of Thrones “House Tully” The Singleton of Glendullan (40% abv)

The Singleton of Glendullan Game Of Thrones Edition is a Speyside single malt, representing House Tully and showcasing its leaping fish sigil.

House Tully’s ancestral keep, Riverrun, spans the junction of the Red Fork of the Trident and the Tumblestone River. Ruling as Lord of the Riverlands, under the house sigil of a silver trout flashing above rushing water, House Tully embodies the surge of the rivers among which they live. With the determination of river waters that never cease moving, they formed powerful alliances and fight against the current for family, duty, and honor. Situated on the banks of the River Fiddich in the wooded hills of Dufftown, Glendullan originally relied on the waters that surrounded it. Harnessing the force of the waters that flowed through the land, it utilized a water wheel to power the entire distillery. Best served with a splash of water, this Scotch has notes of green apple, honey and sweet vanilla and finishes dry and clean.

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GlenAllachie 25 Year Old Whisky (48% abv)

Built in 1967 as a small compact distillery, GlenAllachie was the fourth distillery designed by William Delme-Evans. The complete whisky making process was gravity fed and combined with unusual horizontal condensers it was a triumph of engineering and design.

Fast forward 50 years and we’re reaping the benefit when we bring you the GlenAllachie 25 year old. A combination of Pedro Ximinez and Oloroso casks specially selected by our Master Distiller Billy Walker and bottled at a slightly higher ABV of 48%.

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Gooderham & Worts 11 Souls Whisky (49% abv)

William Gooderham and James Worts, brothers in law from Suffolk, England, arrived in Canada in 1832 as part of a large family migration, including 11 children whose parents had passed away during the arduous journey across the sea. . Before all of their success and fame in being the original “Whisky Barons” of Canada, William Gooderham decided to adopt all 11 orphans and raise them as his own on their arrival to Canada. . This blend of whisky created celebrates that unity by bringing together 11 different casks into one beautiful whisky. It’s an ode to this amazing act of kindness, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! . Gooderham and Worts 11 Souls. . 11 different bonds of whisky. . Rye, rye malt, barley, barley malt, brasetto rye, corn, wheat. . Pot distilled spirits, column distilled spirits, double column distilled spirits. . 85% of the blend is at least 17 years old, in fact we put in some 22 year. . New oak casks, ex Bourbon casks, Canadian Whisky Casks. . And bottled at 49% abv, the address of Gooderham & Worts Distillery is 49 Wellington, Toronto, Ontario.

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Hennessy Paradis Cognac

Paradis is named after the special section in the Hennessy aging cellars where the finest, rarest, and oldest eaux-de-vie are carefully guarded. Created in 1979, the blend was conceived to be superlative yet subtle, making some of Hennessy’s most precious spirits widely available for the first time.

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Ledaig 20 Year Old 1998 -Celebration Of Cask (Càrn Mòr) (54.7% abv)

A Celebration of the Cask bottling of 1998-vintage Ledaig from Carn Mor. Ledaig is the name Tobermory gives to its smoky spirit, and this long-aged edition is packed with peat and fruit. It was distilled on 29 April 1998 and bottled from a single hogshead on August 1, 2018 at 20 years old.

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Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy (46% abv)

This pinnacle of the Single Pot Still range, Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy, marked the first time since John Jameson that an Irish Distillers product had been named after a Master Distiller. Single Pot Still whiskey is unique to Ireland in general and to the Midleton Distillery, Co. Cork, in particular, and is regarded as the quintessential style of Irish whiskey. Made from a mash of malted and unmalted barley and then triple distilled in traditional copper pot stills, Pot Still whiskeys are characterised by full, complex flavours and a wonderful, creamy mouthfeel.

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