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Alberta Premium 20 Year Old Limited Edition Canadian Rye Whisky (42% abv)

Amber gold in colour. Complex aromas of buttery caramel, rich vanilla, a hint of spice and wood. The taste is ultra-smooth with the sweetness from the caramel and toffee notes combining with the spiciness of rye and underlying wood befitting a liquid aged for 20 years. The finish is warm and lingering with hints of caramel, toffee and spice.

Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye (65.1% abv)

Aromas include: sweet, woody and oaky with a hint of vanilla. The taste is exceptionally smooth with notes of caramel, vanilla and a hint of chocolate balanced with the spiciness of rye and black currant.

Bearface 7 Yo Triple Oak Canadian Whisky (42.5% abv)

After aging for seven years in ex-Bourbon casks, Bearface was then further aged in ex-Wine barrels before a final maturation in virgin Hungarian oak barrels. The result is a deliciously rich and complex Canadian Whiskey. Toffee, baked apple and pear, and cacao from the Bourbon barrels. Rich vineyard fruit and dry spice from the French oak wine barrels. Finally, the Hungarian oak imparts a pleasant spicy character. A wonderfully sweet delight with pleasant waves of spice.

Bearface One Eleven Whisky (42.5% abv)

Bearface Whisky has a goal: craft Canadian whisky unlike any other. Here, their seven-year-old Triple Oak whisky is married to mezcal from Oaxaca and voilà, a superb new spirit. Expect honeyed notes with red berry nuances, gorgeous spice tones and a fourth dimension of smoky agave.

Caldera Hurricane 5 Blended Whisky

Our premium whisky is the result of the grains we grow on our distillery property in River John. Year over year variations lead to subtle differences in flavor, distilled for a lingering taste and a smooth finish. Caldera is the essence of patience, hard work and exploration. We are driven by the desire to produce a spirit that is as unrivaled at its completion as the ship we named it after.

Canadian Club 20 Year Old

This is amazing value for any twenty-year-old spirit. Smooth, supple and gently spiced.

Canadian Club 42YO Chronicles Issue No. 2

The newest and rarest offering in the historic Chronicles series, this is the oldest bottling of Canadian whisky currently available. Aged 42 years in oak barrels, it’s silky smooth with complex aromas of dill, caramel and chocolate followed by rich notes of spice, sweet fruit and sandalwood. Savour every sip neat.

Canadian Club Barley Batch Edition (42% abv)

Canadian Club celebrates its 160th birthday in 2018 with this limited edition release. In this unique and flavourful expression, an aged malted barley whisky has been blended with Canadian Club Original 1858. This brings the toasted grain character of barley to the foreground, supported by notes of molasses, plum and oak.

Canadian Club Chronicles 41 Year Old (45% abv)

With 41 years in oak barrels, Canadian Club Chronicles 41 Year Old is the oldest bottling of Canadian whisky currently available. On the palate it is silky-smooth and complex, with aromas and flavours of dried fruit, vanilla, caramel, tobacco and spice. Named Canadian Whisky of the Year for 2019 (Jim Murray, Whisky Bible).

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Canadian Whisky

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Caribou Crossing is the world’s first single barrel Canadian whisky, selected from our finest whisky available from our inventory of more than 200,000 barrels. The whisky has been patiently aged in oak for many years to give it a rich and complex yet smooth flavor.


Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye (43% abv)

Awarded Best Canadian Whisky in Jim Murray’s 2020 Whisky Bible – third year running – having earned Whisky of the Year in 2016! Its aromas of baking spice, apple/pear, rye, caramel and apricot lead to flavours of sweet spice, pepper, vanilla, toasted nut and caramel with oak, marmalade and anise on a warm, elegant finish.

Crown Royal Peach (35% abv)

To create this extraordinary blend, fresh Georgia peaches are harvested, de-stoned, pressed and strained to preserve their bright, aromatic taste. Then, our master blender infuses the juicy flavor for a vibrant and delicious whisky with luscious notes of creamy vanilla and a decadently sweet finish. Made with the signature smoothness of traditional Crown Royal, our peach flavored whisky will enhance a cozy cocktail party or rooftop celebration. Enjoy our whisky mixed with iced tea for a refreshing tasting cocktail.

First created in 1939 as a gift for the king and queen of England, a Canadian entrepreneur created a blend of 50 whiskies and wrapped a bottle in a regal purple bag with gold stitching. Affectionately named “Crown Royal,” our whisky maintains the integrity and quality of our process today as it was first presented to English royalty. Blended with 50 distinct whiskies, Crown Royal assures decadence in every bottle of our signature whiskies.