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Auchentoshan 1988 PX Cask Single Malt Whisky (47.6% abv)

The Auchentoshan 1988 PX Sherry Cask Finish, The facility’s famed triple distillation process comes to the fore here, demonstrating a nuanced complexity of rich yet approachable whisky flavour: dark chocolate, caramel, oranges, and raisins, not to mention some sherry sweetness. Aged for 29 years in Spanish oak casks and seasoned with Pedro Ximénez sherry, this iteration of the Auchentoshan 1988 PX is sure to warm up the late winter days.

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Auchentoshan 21 Year Old Scotch Whiskey

Triple distilled and aged perfectly for over twenty one years in American bourbon and Spanish sherry casks. This creates a refined Lowland Single Malt Whisky, ripe with gooseberries, sweet creamy vanilla, a hint of oak, warm honey, and the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste.

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Auchentoshan American Oak Scotch Whisky (40% abv)

Triple distilled and matured solely in American bourbon casks. The result: a Lowland Single Malt Whisky with the sweet aromas of vanilla and coconut – along with the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste.

Like all Auchentoshan, American Oak is a really versatile Single Malt. It works wonders as an Auchentoshan & Ale, is happy to stand on its own neat or over ice but also shakes up some classic cocktails that you might not think work with Single Malt whisky.

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Auchentoshan Bartenderʼs Malt Edition No. 02 (50% abv)

12 of the most innovative bartenders from all the world came together in 2017 in Glasgow. They have learned the science and magic of the single malt from master blender Ron Welsh and have created the second edition of the Bartender’s Malt together with him. The barrels got appropriately hand-picked, to reflect the personality of every single bar tender – the result is this firm and versatile malt.

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Auchentoshan Three Wood (43% abv)

The colour is rich bronze with lovely aromas of blackcurrant, brown sugar, orange and raisin. The palate remains fruity and shows hazelnut, cinnamon and toffee flavors. The finish is fresh with lasting oaky sweetness.



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Glenkinchie 12 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky (43% abv)

Located less than 20 miles southeast of Edinburgh, Glenkinchie is one of three remaining distilleries in the area called the Lowlands. They only have two stills at the distillery, but they are fat and large producing over 1 million liters per year. The size and shape of the still lends the spirit to be light in nature as it comes off the still.

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Gordon & MacPhail Littlemill 1991 Vintage

A 1991 vintage Littlemill bottled by Gordon & MacPhail as part of their excellent Rare Old series. Lot No. RO/16/02 was bottled back in 2015, 511 bottles were been filled at 46% vol.

Established in 1772 and sadly demolished in 2006, Littlemill distillery is now part of the Lost distilleries of Scotland club.

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Inverleven 1985 – Private Collection (Gordon & MacPhail) (57.4% abv)

A very rare bottling of Inverleven single malt Scotch whisky, released as part of Gordon & MacPhail’s Private Collection range. Inverleven was located on the Dumbarton distillery complex, but has been silent now for many, many years. Always very exciting to see its spirits making its way out to whisky enthusiasts! Master of Malts

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St. Magdalene Distillery 1982-38 Years Old-Gordon & MacPhail (53% abv)

Matured in cask no. 2092, a refill American hogshead, 161 bottles produced.

The Gordon & MacPhail 1982 from St. Magdalene Distillery is believed to be one of the oldest bottled single malts from the distillery that used to stand in Linlithgow in the Scottish Lowlands. The newmake spirit was laid down the year prior to the distillery closing its doors for the last time.

A distillery with a rich and varied past, St. Magdalene was initially known as Linlithgow Distillery, before a merger with Bonnytoun Farm Distillery in 1826 led to a renaming. The distillery was built on the lands of St. Magdalene’s Cross Convent, although today all that remains is the malting barn and kiln.

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The Epicurean Lowland Blended Malt (46.2% abv)

The Epicurean is the offering from the Lowland region, which encompasses two of Scotland’s great cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh. On the nose, this whisky opens with fresh lemon and lime rinds, a little cereal sweetness, some fragrant herbaceous notes followed by a rush of sweet floral aromas and green apple. The palate follows suit, adding green fruity flavours of pears, grapes and apples, grassiness builds here, with a buttery mouthfeel and floral, peppered spice towards the back of the palate. The finish is full of buttered toast with honey, and lingers for quite some time.

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The Epicurean Whisky Lowland Blended Malt ( 46.2% abv)

Meet The Epicurean – our 1930s Glasgow man, a real cheeky character who was ever the life and soul of the party and a connoisseur of fine food and drink. A master of versatility, this fresh, zesty, grassy marriage of the finest Lowland malts is perfect for cocktail hour or simply for sipping.

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