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Campbeltown 5 Year Old 2014 – North Star Spirits (49.1% abv)

A 5 year old blended malt Scotch whisky, independently bottled by North Star Spirits. While its origin is a mystery, judging from its name – Campbeltown – we’d hazard a guess that it came from? Anyway, it was drawn from a refill bourbon hogshead and given a finishing period in a Pedro Ximénez sherry cask before being bottled with an outturn of 378 bottles.

Glen Scotia Victoriana Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky (54.2% abv)

Each cask is chosen for its rare character and exceptional maturity. Finished in deep charred oak, the result is an exceptionally smooth single malt whisky whose aroma and flavour work in harmony. Bottled in the traditional way straight from the cask and without filtration, its subtle wood and vanilla flavour is enhanced by a full bodied spicy fruit aroma and mildly smokey aftertaste.

Hazelburn 13 Year Old 2007 Oloroso Cask Matured (50.3% abv)

A sherried Hazelburn, distilled by Campbeltown’s Springbank in 2007! The sherried, unpeated single malt spent its 13 years in Oloroso casks, and was bottled in September 2020 at cask strength, with 9,900 bottles released at 50.3% ABV.

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Kilkerran 12 Year Old (46% abv)

The long-awaited first core product from Kilkerran – a 12-year-old. This lightly peated whisky has been aged in combination of 70% bourbon casks and 30% sherry casks. The distillery was reopened in 2004 after being closed for almost 80 years, and this bottling has been eagerly anticipated ever since.

Protected: Kilkerran 16 Year Old (46% abv)

A beautiful bourbon-matured Campbeltown whisky from the Kilkerran range, this 16 Year Old is the oldest release from the Glengyle Distillery to date! Lots of bright, zesty and tropical influence among the touches of gentle smoke and savoury coastal touches in this well-balanced dram.

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Kilkerran Heavily Peated -Batch 3(59.7% abv)

The third batch of Kilkerran Heavily Peated single malt is here! This cracking Campbeltown whisky was matured in a combo of 80% bourbon casks and 20% sherry casks, and was bottled up at 59.7% ABV. As you might expect from the name, this one packs plenty of peaty deliciousness…

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Kilkerran Heavily Peated Batch 2 (60.9% abv)

Another exciting release from Campbeltown, with this latest bottling coming from Glengyle distillery. Kilkerran Heavily Peated Batch 2 has been matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, then bottled at an impressive 60.9% vol. Batch 1 was very well received, we’re expecting big things from this second batch.

Kilkerran Heavily Peated Single Malt Whisky (59.3% abv)

This is the first batch of Kilkerran ‘ Heavily Peated’ Single Malt from the Glengyle Distillery in Campbeltown. Aged in both ex bourbon and sherry casks and bottled at 59.3% ABV this bottle is part of the ‘Peat in Progress Series’.

Knockdhu Cadenhead’s 9 Year Old Small Batch (56.2% abv)

Gingerbread smothered in melting salted butter, apricot yoghurt with pineapple fritters and banana bread. White chocolate buttons, lemon drizzle cake and almond flakes. Soft lime zest and green apple skins. Spiced apples with runny honey and butterscotch sweets.

Distilled in 2010 at Knockdhu and bottled in 2019.

One of 888 bottles produced from 3 Bourbon hogsheads.

Longrow 18 Year Old Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distillery Bottling(46% abv)

Limit of 1 bottle per customer

Longrow is the heavily peated malt made at Springbank in Campbeltown. The 18 Year Old is a sought-after favourite – rich, smoky and sweet with notes of smoke, dark chocolate and ginger.

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Longrow 21 Year Old 2020 Limited Release (46% abv)

Limit of 1 per customer

Longrow is a double distilled, heavily peated Single Malt Scotch Whisky produced at Springbank Distillery. The malt is peat dried for up to 48 hours to give the whisky a unique Campbeltown smoky character.

This 21 year old is a nod to history and an exercise in patience. It has taken 21 years of maturation in high quality sherry and bourbon casks to nurture the whisky to this point and if you allow it a moment or two in the glass you will be rewarded as it reveals its deep and inviting smokiness complete with a rich, warming finish.

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Longrow Peated Single Malt (46% abv)

A pale lemon yellow with green highlights; forward peat smoke on the nose, with medicinal, roasted grain and fragrant oak notes; relatively light in body and texture, with peaty flavours countered by sweet honey and malt; the finish is very long, with ever-present smoky notes and an alluring, honeyed sweetness.