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Kavalan Artist Series Peated Cask Strength (54% abv) 1000 ml

MOTHER EARTH – Peated Malt Single Cask Strength ABV 54.8%

Painting – “Jinzun / Summer”
The final piece in the set is both homecoming and rebirth. The green, yellow, and blue represent Taiwan’s East Coast’s lushness and the vibrant flavours and scents of Kavalan whisky. This Mother Earth bears the fruits of labour for both Kavalan and Mr Chiang and the seeds for new growth. The Kavalan dream becomes a reality.

Official Tasting Notes:
Colour: Plump Golden Rice Ears
Flavour: Rich beeswax, toffee, and coconut aroma complement the unique tropical fruitiness of Kavalan, exuding a deliciously charming and full-bodied sweetness.
Palate: A lavish spread of buttered toffee melts away into a peaty aroma with delicious earthy notes. Exquisitely layered and complex, with a balanced texture and remarkable depth of flavor. Lingering notes of red pepper, spice, and the unique aroma of longans create the perfect finish.

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Kavalan Artist Series Puncheon Cask Strength (55.6% abv) 1000 ml

OCEAN – Puncheon. Single Cask Strength ABV 55.6%

Painting – “Pisilian (Morning Stars over the Coast)”
The indigenous name, Pisilian, refers to a stretch of Taiwan’s eastern coastline, connecting Kavalan’s home in Yilan County with Taitung County where Paul Chiang is based. Kavalan’s story, or dream, starts in the Ocean under a starry sky. From here, moisture rises and eventually condenses above Snow Mountain, creating Kavalan’s legendary water source.

Official Tasting Notes:
Colour: Dark Crimson Waves
Flavour: The delicious aroma of freshly roasted almond biscuits brings out the smoothness of vanilla and sweetness of white peach, with a hint of maple syrup to accentuate the fruity aroma.
Palate: Smooth vanilla and sweet toffee, accentuated with hints of nutty notes, give way to a rich burst of white peach and tropical fruit – a multilayered flavor with an ocean of depth and complexity, and a smooth finish.

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Kavalan Distillery Select No.2 Single Malt Whisky (40% abv)

Kavalan’s Distillery Select series showcases the fine art of blending and the exquisite cask selection of Taiwan’s premier distillery. This No. 2 edition is an enticingly smooth drop, deeply aromatic with an irresistible floral and herbal complexity that delivers the delicious tranquility of the forest.


Kavalan King Car Conductor Single Malt Whisky (46% abv)

King Car Conductor is a single malt whisky named for the conglomerate that owns the Kavalan distillery in Taiwan. The single malts used come from those aged primarily in refill sherry and some ex-bourbon barrels, vatted together before bottling.

Kavalan Podium Single Malt Whisky(46% abv)

Created from hand-selected brand new American oak casks and re-fill casks, this expression is surprisingly delicate and extremely complex. It is a resounding endorsement of Kavalan’s sophisticated wood policy.

Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Cask Strength Inscription Series #01 (56.3% abv)

The Inscription Series. A new Truth Malters laser inscribed series showcasing the art & excellence of Kavalan’s Solist single cask, cask strength whiskies. These are the first two releases of this collection – the Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon and Solist Port single malts.

CASK TYPE: Bourbon
ABV: 56.3% (cask strength)
VOL: 700ml

Kavalan Solist Pedro Ximenez Sherry cask (57.8% abv) and Moscatel Sherry Cask (55.6% abv) with Wooden Gift Box & 2 Glasses (2 x 500 ml bottles)

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About the distillery
Kavalan Distillery is a Taiwanese whisky distillery. It is owned by the King Car Group and is located at Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan.

The distillery is named after the indigenous Kavalan people, who originally inhabited the Kabalan Plain of modern-day Yilan County. The distillery was completed in December 2005, produced its first spirit in March 2006, and released its first bottling in December 2008.

Other Information
An exclusive duo set from Taiwan distillery Kavalan, from their single cask strength collection.

One whisky finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry cask 57.8% ABV and the other in Moscatel sherry cask 55.6% ABV.

Comes with wooden box, bottle stoppers and glasses.

Very Limited

Kavalan Solist Port Cask Single Malt (57.8% abv)

Single malt Taiwanese whisky from the King Car Distillery, released as part of their Kavalan Solist range. It was matured in a cask which previously held tasty Port, imparting in-your-face fruitiness.

Nose: Light oak spice as it opens, before notes of refreshing tangerine and dried fruit develop.

Palate: Chocolate éclairs, summer berries (think blackcurrant and strawberries atop a cheesecake) and vanilla-forward malt.

Finish: A zesty hint of passion fruit and lemon appears on the finish.

Kavalan Solist Port-Cask Strength Inscription Series #02 (57.1% abv)

The Inscription Series. A new Truth Malters laser inscribed series showcasing the art & excellence of Kavalan’s Solist single cask, cask strength whiskies. These are the first two releases of this collection – the Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon and Solist Port single malts.

ABV: 57.1% (cask strength)
VOL: 700ml

Kavalan Solist Vinho “Year Of The Tiger” Cask Strength (57.1% Abv) Limited Release

The next in our Lunar Zodiac Series – the ‘2022 Year of the Tiger’. A striking laser etched Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique single malt whisky. Like all our special releases, this single cask was carefully chosen by Larry Schoen because it exemplifies the rich flavours, balance, and quality experience this highly-awarded Kavalan Distillery expression is known for.

ABV: 57.1% (cask strength)
VOL: 700ml

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Kavalan Triple Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky (40% abv)

Introducing Kavalan’s Triple Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky. A rare combination of premium Oloroso, Pedro Ximénez (PX) and Moscatel-aged casks with Kavalan’s velvety spirit and signature sweetness. A Distillery-first.

“This is the first time we’ve combined our whisky in three different sherry casks. It’s all about multiplying and enriching the sherry flavours to make a distinct whisky that has dried fruits, rich caramel, sweet maltose and tropical fruits as its profile,” said CEO Mr. YT Lee.

Triple Sherry Cask showcases a three-stage balancing craft in the marrying vats. The process allows each of the whiskies, after maturing in their respective stave homes, to then rest & meld together in perfect fusion, locking in optimal smoothness.

“During this process, the flavours collide through a myriad combination of the three sherry cask whiskies, creating up to 9 distinct sherry dimensions. With its main character the dried fruits of the Oloroso cask, Triple Sherry is embellished with the sweetness of PX and Moscatel casks,” said Senior Blender Zerose Yang.

Like a smooth flamenco dance, its notes of cinnamon, candied smoked plum and citrus are layered with berry, tropical fruit, and longan aromas; Meanwhile, dashes of honey, chocolate, and toffee playfully tease the taste buds.

The Kavalan Solist Brandy Single Malt (57.8% abv)Preferred TeaM Collection Release 01

Colour – Seductive midnight amber
Nose – Irresistible peach, passion fruit, strawberry and mango fragrances with delicious vanilla, toffee, spices, and honey mingling in the background.
Palate – Oily, round and smooth with a complex and long finish that ends with a taste of sweet lychee.