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Fukucho Junmai Daiginjo Hattanso 50 (16% abv)

Made from a unique rice, Hattanso, which only Fukucho brewery is using. Extremely smooth touch with a clean and pure texture. The finish is lingering.

Fukumitsuya-Kagatobi-Ai (15.7% abv)

The Kagatobi Junmai Daiginjo ‘Ai’ by Fukumitsuya is an elegant and refined sake. The traditional yeasts of the area, in fact, manage to create the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity and to extract the floral and delicate aromas (anise, violet, green apple) that are the signature of the best ‘Daiginjo’. Perfect with sashimi, vegetables, slightly marinated dishes.

Fukumitsuya-kuroobi D Do Yamahai Junmai (15% abv)

The Kuroobi Junmai Daiginjo ‘Do-Do’  of Fukumitsuya  is a traditional skill sake created ‘Yamahai’: thanks to the natural fermentation results in an earthy sake and intensely complex. Rich, full-bodied and lively. Plenty of rice flavor with a completely clean finish. Excellent with mushrooms, venison, lamb, etc. Serve hot to improve sweetness.