Ballantine’s 30 Year Old (40% abv)


A glorious release from stalwart Scotch whisky blenders, Ballantine’s. This bottling presents their fantastic blended spirit (the product of over 50 different malts and grain whiskies) at an incredible 30 years old.

This maturation has created a whisky of outstanding complexity and body.

The result is a soft, full and oaky dram. Dense flavours of honey, light smoke, butter, pressed flowers, sherried fruit and citrus rind, preserved fruits and woodspice are all on show.

Packaged in a handsome gold accented bottle and box, this is a rare quality of blended whisky.

It won a Gold at the International Spirits Challenge and Jim Murray gave it 92 points.

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“Be true to yourself and excellence will always be with you.” George Ballantine’s words are still followed to the letter today, and in fact Ballantine’s 30 Years is a true demonstration of excellence. Ballantine’s has always been involved in the ageing and blending of malt whisky and cereals from the four regions of Scottish whisky: Speyside, Islay, Highlands and Lowlands. This version aged for 30 years is a blend of extremely rare and refined Single Malts and Single Grains, some of which have been produced in distilleries closed today.

In Scottish Gaelic, the whisky was called “uisge-beatha”, which literally means “water of life”. Over time, the word “uisge” has evolved to become “whisky”. Throughout Ballantine’s history, the five Master Blenders that have followed one another since the founder’s death have always demonstrated a tireless dedication to work and a strong passion for quality. Each of them has put their heart and soul into continuing the tradition and maintaining Ballantine’s high standards while remaining true to the original character.

A high quality whisky deserves quality bottles. Even today, every bottle of Ballantine still bears the coat of arms assigned to the family in 1938: the Scottish flag and the four essential elements for the production of whisky, namely earth, water, fire and air. Each bottle also bears the Latin words “Amicus Humani Generis”, which means “friend of all men”.

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