Black Tot Rum 50th Anniversary Tasting Pack (47.86% abv)


A set of ‘deconstructed’ flavourful rum elements from our Black Tot Finest Caribbean blend, from Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica, also including the final Black Tot Finest Caribbean Blend itself, made with 35%, 60% and 5% of each component respectively. Also included is a sample of our commemorative Black Tot 50th Anniversary Limited Edition rum, blended and bottled in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Black Tot Day in 2020.

Black Tot Finest Caribbean components: all 46.2% ABV.
Black Tot Finest Caribbean Final Blend: 46.2% ABV.
Unchillfiltered, No sugar added, 100% tropically aged in country of origin.
Distillation: Barbados & Guyana pot/column still and Jamaica pot still.

Black Tot 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Rum: 54.5% ABV.
Unchillfiltered, No sugar added, tropical and continental ageing.
Distillation: Guyana column still, Guyana pot still, Barbados pot/column still, Trinidad column still, Jamaica pot still, Royal Navy world blend.

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