Bowmore 1965 52 Year Old Sherry Cask- Rare and Limited Edition (42% abv)


Matured for 52 years, this is the third edition from the Bowmore 50-Year-Old Vaults Series.  The liquid in this remarkably rare limited-edition bottling was some of the first to pass through Bowmore’s then-new steam heated stills in 1965. The extended maturation period has created a rare and refined whisky with the perfect blend of complexity and elegance, exemplifying Bowmore’s history spent perfecting the art of whisky maturation. This expression is a rich reward for those who value the importance of savouring time.

1965 truly represents the peerless qualities of Bowmore’s legendary No.1 Vaults. The shimmering amber liquid has reached whisky perfection during its meticulous 52-year maturation in the finest single Oloroso sherry cask.

This beautiful bottle comes presented in a show-stopping cabinet which was hand-made using responsibly-sourced Scottish Lowland oak and depicts the liquid’s maturation through the decades.

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