Cacao Boulevardier-Cocktail Concierge (26.5% abv)


Invented in Paris in the 1920’s at Harry’s New York Bar. First crafted for American expatriate, socialite & journalist – Erskine Gwynne, editor of a magazine called The Boulevardier. The raw cacao bridges the gaps between its typical 3 ingredients.

The art of creating a perfect bottled cocktail is the way in which you blend together multiple ingredients that transcend the scope of the usual cocktail bar. Each of the key ingredients found in the classic Boulevardier is further broken down and blended to bring further detail and exquisite flavour profiles for a lifetime of potential exploration.

The delicate art of infusing raw spices and botanicals into alcohol is one that takes time, patience and complete understanding of all the ingredients to achieve a true harmony of flavours. With this Cacao Boulevardier we have carefully placed the rich flavour of dry chocolate in amongst the action, never dominant in the front, mid or back of the palate, the cacao subtly evolves and exposes its nuances throughout the drinking experience. With all the complexity that exists with the Cacao Boulevardier it is a cocktail that can be enjoyed long into the night as it never ceases to surprise and delight the drinking as new flavours are discovered.  To compliment the Cacao, we completed the flavour profile with the inclusion of fresh orange zest and oils into the blend, so the need to garnish this cocktail is completely optional.



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