Casey Jones Barrel Strength Kentucky Bourbon (52% abv)


The heart of the Casey Jones Distillery is an all copper fire powered square still and the key to making our spirits so special. With the Casey Jones still, we capture the rich tradition of craft – a process through and through proven to produce a superior, smoother product. A process that’s been in the family nearly 100 years since way back in the 1930s.

A Family Tradition
In Golden Pond, Kentucky Casey Jones was a legend. In the 1930s to the 1960s, a time when it was a risk to be this kind of legend, Casey Jones built an estimated 150 handmade “coffin” stills – a square design that helped to make these stills portable. Jones said they’d “fit just right” in the bed of a wagon or pickup truck.

Just like the still, every bottle of Casey Jones Distillery is handcrafted.

Truly Handcrafted Spirits
That old school still design carries over into the flavor that goes into every bottle of Casey Jones Distillery spirits. Our locally-grown corn is ground at our distillery. The ground corn is then turned in to mash by our Founder, Master Distiller and Casey Jones’ grandson, Arlon Casey Jones (AJ). Each batch of moonshine is personally cooked and loaded by one of Casey’s crew. To make sure that every drop that is bottled is the best, each gallon that is run is separated – gallon by gallon. We only include the moonshine that meets our taste and quality standards.

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