Compass Box Generosity Artist #11/LMDW 65th Anniversary (51.9% abv)

NutSpiceSweetOrchardBody – 2Rich – 4Smokiness – 0Sweet – 3

Compass Box Generosity Artist #11 is a limited-edition blended grain whisky, released by La Maison du Whisky for the Artist #11 Pentalogy range, created in honor of the company’s 65th anniversary. Generosity is a sweet and exotic whisky, with fruity, herbal and spicy notes. The blend consists of two mature single grain whiskies, bottled at 51.9%. Pentalogy is a special edition of La Maison du Whisky’s renowned Artist range, released in 2021 to celebrate the company’s 65th anniversary. The range features five bottlings created in collaboration with Compass Box. Inspired by Aristotle’s philosophy, each whisky is named after one of the virtues. The artworks adorning the bottles are created by surrealist artist Charlotte Massip. She draws inspiration from the anatomic drawings of Vesalius, the machines of Leonardo da Vinci, and Dürer’s engravings. By combining historical references and modern elements, a unique contemporary work arises. Only 630 bottles of Compass Box Generosity Artist #11 have been released.

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