El Baston del Rey Extra Anejo Tequila (40% abv)


As the name suggests, Extra Añejo tequilas are tequilas aged for the longest duration of time. To be classified as Extra Añejo, a tequila must age for at least three years. We age ours for 3 .5 years because we feel that amount of time yields the best flavor.

When you choose Baston del Rey tequilas, you’re not only getting great tequila — our bottles are handmade works of art. Small-town artisans in Guadalajara, Mexico hand-carve these bottles into little masterpieces. When you enjoy our tequilas, be sure to take note of these fine pieces of art, including Baston del Rey’s signature logo that showcases the “Sceptre of the King,” the story behind our name and brand.

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Baston del Rey tequilas and tequila liqueurs are some of the finest, most flavorful spirits in the world. We handcraft our tequilas at a small tequila distillery in the town of Arenal (near the town of Tequila) and make our tequila liqueurs at our family-owned tequilaria near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our tequilas include 100 percent pure blue agave and nothing else — no flavorings, no added sugars, and no chemicals. We follow a high standard in our distilling process, which includes roasting the agave piñas in an underground pit for three days to bring out the maximum flavor along with the blue agave’s natural sweetness. Some tequila makers, including the big corporate tequilas, will use chemicals, refined sugars, aromatic wood additives, wood chips, or flavorings to speed up the distilling and aging process, but Baston del Rey strictly prohibits anything other than the blue agave nectar itself.

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