Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23 Year Old (40% abv)


A superb, well aged Glenfiddich whisky with an interesting maturation.

One of the most famous distilleries in Scotland, Glenfiddich is well known for creating extremely consistent single malt whisky. One would forgive them then, for playing it safe, particularly with their older stock. But this has not been the case. This 23 year old dram has been aged in a mixture of American oak and former sherry casks, followed by a finishing period of 6 months in casks in second and first fill French oak casks. Such a short finish is unusual after such a long maturation. What’s even more unusual is that these casks have been used to ferment wine that will later become champagne, hence “Grand Cru”.

The result is a complex, flavoursome dram that serves up notes of thick vanilla custard, apple pie, some sweet green grapes, grain, sweet pastry, pears, a little sherried dried fruits, oak, light cinnamon and some subtle white wine acidity.

A fascinating dram, which illustrates how Glenfiddich’s spirit adapts to a range of casks.

Beautifully presented with a supernova-styled gift box.

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