Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1996: Bond House No. 1 Collection (43% abv)


A rather glorious Glenmorangie single malt here, distilled back in 1996! The oak in which it slumbered hails from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri and the casks were seasoned with bourbon, adding a luscious, creamy depth to the whisky. Eventually, the Grand Vintage Malt was released as the sixth bottling in the ever-brilliant Bond House No.1 series. A gorgeous, silky spirit from the Highland distillery. Master of Malt

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Color: Bright sunburst gold Nose: Fresh, floral and perfumed, with hints of roses, carnations, jasmine and a curious herbal note like coriander. Luscious mandarin orange and pear follow, with a beautiful candy sweetness, reminiscent of mixed fruit jellies. A splash of water releases even more floral notes of carnation and geranium, along with some soft, buttery vanilla.

Taste: A zesty, citrus mouthfeel leads into a powerful burst of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, kept under control by the thread of soft, sweet vanilla and fudge. The finesse for a whisky of this age is quite remarkable, with gentle spices, such as ginger and sweet chilli and subtle oaky notes.

Finish: Delicate and dancing with almonds, pear and cake mix.

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