Glenrothes 2007 13 Year Old – Adelphi (59.2% ABV)


Adelphi exist to identify the very small number of casks that have produced the ultimate whiskies. The criteria for selection include rarity and maturity, but above all flavour. These whiskies are both rare and sought-after – these very special casks are so rare that, on average, Adelphi accepts a mere 4% that it is offered. Each single cask of whisky matures its contents very differently, imparting its own character to the whisky it holds and, as a result, there are never two Adelphi’s quite the same.

This single malt whisky was distilled in 2007 at the Glenrothes distillery and left to mature for 13 years in a Refill Sherry butt. In 2021 it was bottled at 59.2% abv as part of the Adelphi Selection.

Only 363 bottles were produced for worldwide distribution.

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Refill Sherry butt

Colour: Bronze

Beading: Moderate

Nose: Highland toffee, dark toffee, cinder toffee, molasses, toffee apples, liqorice, salmiak, salted caramel, peanut butter brittle, brandy snaps, fruitloaf, dark rye bread, pumpernickel, dark German ale, chocolate malt, roasted coffee

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