Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration Blended Straight Whiskey (45% abv)


A few years ago, Jefferson’s Founder Trey Zoeller was out with a few friends and Chef Edward Lee. As they began to order some different dishes for dinner, he and Edward started talking about the pairing of bourbon and food, specifically spicier dishes like his Korean Fried Chicken. The group started tasting bourbons together with food and realized that they really liked the notes that were brought out in each one. They knew they had a good idea. Over the next nine months, Trey and Edward would get together and try his food along with a number of different bourbon recipes, trying to marry them together to get the right flavors for the recipe. They couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for until Trey picked up a bottle of Jefferson’s Rye and decided to mix it with one of the straight bourbon offerings.

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