Kavalan Artist Series French Wine Cask (61.8% abv) 1000 ml


Sunlight – French Wine Cask Single Cask Strength ABV 61.8%

Painting – “Meditation on Eternity”
The golden Sunlight in this piece represent sparks of hope, lighting the path toward the Kavalan dream. The fiery red denotes both the intensity of purpose and the heat of the sun, the same life-giving warmth that uniquely enhances Kavalan’s ageing.

Official Tasting Notes:
Colour: Final rays of an amber sunset
Flavour: The exquisite yet vibrant scent of berries and black currants form the body of this aroma, mixed with sweet peppers, apples, caramel and ripened fruit for a charming composition.
Palate: A full-bodied and multilayered tropical fruity flavor marked by rich and distinctive notes of wild berries and dried fruit for the perfect balance. A dash of soft tannins with subtle hints of spiciness deliver a charming and elegant finish.


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