Popol Vuh Mezcal Espadin Black Label (42% abv)


How It’s Made
Mezcal is a cultural word and beverage. It is produced in the DO of nine states, of any agave and bottled between 35-55% abv and of course, to pass specific lab testing. It’s preparation must comply with at least the following four stages and equipment: a) Cooking: cooking of maguey or agave heads in earthen pits or brick/clay ovens. b) Milled c) Fermentation: done in animal skins, pits or tanks made of stone, earth, tree trunk, masonry basins (concrete or earthen tanks), or wood. And whose process may include the fiber of the maguey or agave (bagazo). d) Distillation: with direct fire in copper alembic pot stills or Filipino style stills made of clay or wood with clay, copper or stainless steel bottoms; whose process can include the fiber of the maguey or agave (bagazo).

Tasting Notes
Transparent, crystalline, bright, with silver nuances and double hanging in the glass or glass which denotes a full-bodied mezcal. Round and with character, botanical on the nose, with a background of earth and damp stones, coupled with a hint of cooked agave and complex fruit. Velvety with fruity hints of long and elegant persistence on the palate, extraordinary balance and complexity thanks to a perfect integration between the flavors of agave, smoked and fermentation notes.


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