Rum Nation Panama 21-Year 2020 Release (43% abv)


A very old rum from the expertise of the Cuban masters who brought their art to Panama, made with sugarcane molasses, distilled in a column still and aged in American oak casks for 21 years. It masterfully blends the sweet Latin style with the long spicy influence from the oak. A limited edition for connoisseurs, in a sleek black decanter.

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Appearance: Dark amber, almost orange.

Nose: Deep, dark, very raisiny and rich with tropical fruits. The character of brown cane sugar is evident. An oaky hint is very noticeable, then dates and tobacco.

Palate: Full, rich, sweet and honeyed, with dried figs and dates. Cinnamon, pepper, black tea and coffee. The sweet profile is complemented by hints of cloves, pepper and medicinal herbs. Intense mouthfeel.

Finish: The higher alcohol content compared to the younger releases makes it spicier and warmer, with tannins from the oak balancing the residual sweetness.


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