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Smoked Wanut Old Fashioned-Cocktail Concierge (34.5% abv)


The Old Fashioned is likely the modern name for what was once simply called The Whiskey Cocktail. In 1862, Jerry Thomas wrote a recipe for a drink containing Whiskey, Sugar & Bitters. This luxurious rendition elevates the drink with smooth sophistication through a careful harmony of unique flavours carefully balanced to complement each other without competing for your attention.  Before the blending and Oak Maturation of the cocktail begins, we introduce our special whiskey blend to fresh Hickory smoke and allow 8hrs for the compounds to combine with the liquid. Entwining the smoke naturally with the complex tasting notes of our whiskey, this allows the smoke to be part of the makeup of the flavour profile rather than being placed over the top.  To enhance the Old Fashioned further we use a rich Black Walnut Bitters, Classic Aromatic Bitters, as well as our own signature Antique 1833 Bitters recipe that traces its roots back to the early 1800’s and acts like a secret weapon in bringing good North American whiskey to life in cocktails.
Finally, once all the ingredients are complete, together and in position we rest them for just the right amount of time using charred White American Oak.
Not a drop gets bottled until we decide that it meets the standards and expectation of both our Master Mixologist and our discerning drinkers.

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