Solera No. 14 Limited Edition Demerara Rum Nation (40% abv)


An absolutely stonking Guyanan demerara rum from Italian company Rum Nation.

The rum is bought in bulk from Guyana and taken to Italy where it is transferred to sherry butts and aged for a short period of time before being blended with older vintages.  

A heavy Demerara, with its evident sugary sweetness, but also very dark, estery and aromatic.

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Nose: Dark, musty, very estery (fermented fruit, glue), with notes of cola, myrtle and bergamot tea.

Palate: Viscous sugarcane molasses, dark chocolate, coffee, dried raisins, and a slightly toasted and bitter background which hints at herbal notes (black tea and gentian root). Dark and sweet at the same time.

Finish: Endless interplay between the herbal bitterish character and the sugary sweetness. Ultimately sweet, almost syrupy and slightly winey, like vermouth.


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