The Establishment Brighten the Corners Tiny IPA 4 x 473 ml (4.5% abv)


Everybody wants one; everybody needs one—especially as the sun beats down on the Pavement, bright enough to turn cracked eggs up at their corners. In this era of lauded double/triple something else, Pale Ales are out here saying things like “we are underused.” Well, let’s put an end to that madness with something a little extra.

Brighten the Corners brings the kind of colour that compliments every summer situation. It’s extra light in hue with a gilded taste that delivers a double dose of what the doctor ordered (and less of what the Surgeon General warns against overdoing). It’s got a citrus fruit lean and hecka hops that hint at the tropics while being at home in the prairies.

This is the beer you want at your side as you make cherished memories of milestones and moments alike. Its body punches above its ABV to hop to a medium-full finish with just a pinch of malt. Come on now, grab a pal and head on down to our taproom patio for a pint and go dutch, dutch, and dutch on the bill. Or, at the very least, crank up the stereo and crack open one of these—we really hope you plan to buy it. Fin.

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