The Temple Bar 12 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey (40% abv)


The period of 12 years may not be very long for a single malt whiskey, but the time for a pub whiskey is very long. In the old days it was common in Ireland that every bar had its own “house whiskey”. This tradition is now being revived by Tom Cleary. The owner of the famous Temple Bar in Dublin had the idea of ​​bringing out a whiskey especially for his bar. Ireland fans around the world should be able to enjoy a piece of Dublin at home.

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The barrels of this bottling have been in the basements of Temple Bar for over a decade, waiting for bottling. In 2004, the single malt Irish whiskey was distilled and stored in copper pot stills. Triple distillation is quite common for Irish whiskey and was also used for Temple Bar 12 years of whiskey. Tom Cleary had a clear vision of his whiskey and personally selected the ex-bourbon barrels. This was the only way to guarantee the high quality of his single malts. In 2016, this Temple Bar was bottled and joined the other bottlings of the bar.

In addition to the 12-year-old whiskey, there is an even older 15-year-old Temple Bar single malt and a younger, 10-year-old. For the small budget, a traditional whiskey was made in the Temple Bar, which is blended from various Irish whiskeys. The 12y.o. Whiskey has a small special position in the series, because its taste is really exceptionally round and harmonious. If you have ever been to the temple bar or are planning to visit it, we clearly recommend that you try the Temple Bar 12 years of Irish whiskey. Of course, the other bottlings of the house also taste excellent, but we particularly liked them.

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