Tullibardine The Murray Bourbon Cask 12 Year Old 2007 (56.6% abv)


This is the sixth edition of the Tullibardine Marquess Collection.
There have been famous historical figures bearing the title the Marquess of Tullibardine for centuries. The 2nd Marquess of Tullibardine, Sir William Murray fought for the Jacobites at the Battle of Sherrifmuir on the hills above the distillery. In 1745 he was chosen by Bonnie Prince Charlie to unfurl the Royal Standard at Glenfinnan announcing the Prince as the rightful King. To acknowledge this connection with the past we decided to name our new whisky after Sir William Murray. From our stills, to barrel, to bottle, this is a classic Tullibardine that has spent all its life in 1st fill Bourbon barrels since 2007.

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Nose: soft aromas of freshly mown hay, floral meadows, hints of creamy Devon Toffee, vanilla ice cream and sweetcitrus aromas reminiscent of lemon meringue pie. Subtle oaky, coconut aromas present in the background.

Taste: soft, creamy toffee, malted biscuits, vanilla ice cream with delicate citrus fruits and a subtle oakiness in the background.

Finish: the oaky citrus flavours linger gently on the tongue to finish.

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