Waterford Single Farm Sheestown Edition 1.2 (50% abv)


This second edition of Sheestown uses barley grown by Phil O’Brien in County Kilkenny, on a rugged, predominantly limestone, well-drained, low-lying terroir. This Waterford is aged 4 months longer than version 1.1, which is about 10% more aging and makes tangible changes.

Distilled in 2016, bottled at 50%, without colourings or cold filtration, this 100% Irish Single Malt develops a complex character, centered on gourmet and spicy notes.

Using 100% Irish barley, recognized as the most qualitative in the world, the new Single Farm Origin range is a series of limited editions of natural whiskeys with ultra-sharp provenance that reveal the Irish terroir farm by farm, place by place. They are the expression of precision and rarity, revealing the aromas and flavours of barley sourced from small Irish farms varying with each harvest.

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