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Did you know that Whisky in Gaelic means ‘water of life’? With a meaning like that, you can’t help but to fall in love with Whisky. Whether you’re looking for a gift or to treat for yourself. Our exclusive selection guarantees that whatever you’re looking for will be special. We carry limited edition collector whiskies without the limited-edition price tag. We have Scotch Whisky & Irish Whiskey, American Whiskey, bourbons, ryes, Tennessee whiskey, corn whiskey, wheat whiskey, Canadian Whisky and anything else you’re looking for. Finding a little of something for everyone.


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The Mecca, the OG, Scotland is one of the places that whisky originated from. Though there is a general peaty, smokey, and earthy feel to Scotch whisky. The many regions of Scotland come through with characters of the land, climate, and the people producing it. This is going to be the first drink your dad bought for you.


There is a huge movement inspired by young producers placing American Whiskey and especially Kentucky Bourbon back on the map. American Whiskey is a spirit made from any cereal grain including rye, corn, barley and wheat.  Though it has always been a staple beverage in the states, it was the past decade when it really took off and became a prestige’s collectors item. From your grandfather, to the savvy collector, to the young and stylish. This is truly something to watch for in the coming years.


O’Canada our home and native land! Why is Rye known as Canadian Whisky? Well there is a history of flour millers using their excess wheat to make whisky and then adding in rye to spice up the beverage. Consumers loved the this new flavourful blend so much that they coined the term Canadian Whisky. Typically, lighter and smoother than other whisky styles. This is what I’d use to make an amazing old fashion.


There was a brief period in early 19th century when Irish whiskey “played first fiddle” in the whiskey market over Scotland. As it being one of the homes where Whiskey originated from. You shouldn’t be surprised that producing the good stuff is in their blood. Though they soon after suffered a bust later falling to just 2 distilleries in 1978. They fought back and resurged in the 20th century, now in there is a movement of amazing new fresh craft style whiskies. Usually having a smoother finish, style is great for your Sunday Night.


Though we have timeless examples of Whisky, whether its Scottish or Irish. We are seeing the world of whisky expanding. We also offer whiskies from unique places such as Japan and India. The Japanese style is like the style of scotch, producing the first whiskies around 1870! And did you know that India is the largest consumer of whisky!? With Whisky giants such as Amrut, its not surprising.

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