Today was my first visit to this impressive store. The wine selection is incredible. Service was like something from decades ago when service mattered. I would highly recommend this place. I WILL be back!
5 Stars – Whitney Dueck

Wine. The drink of Kings, Queens, and the holy. There is such a rich history of wine, and we are so excited to share this glass with you. From tales of a red wine stain bearded Charlemagne ordering white wine to be made, so that his wife wouldn’t get mad when he drank it. To the many ancient wine bars found in Pompei. There is so much to tell, so much to share, you can only do so by sitting down with a glass and your loved ones.


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Grand Vin Rouge 2017

Gerard Bertrand Chateau L’Hospitalet

IWC Champion Red Wine Trophy 2019


Red, the colour of love, and boy! We love red wine. Though it didn’t originate in France. They’ve had the most historical impact on the world of wine. When it comes to health benefits, red wins again! It’s said to especially help those in their 50’s plus. This is only one more thing to look forward to at retirement. So, you better come in and stock up on some Borolo for your post retirement cellar.


Did you know that, Riesling tends to be the favourite among sommeliers? Why? Because its vibrant and refreshing waking up your palate and pairs easily with food. This can be true for most white wines, but among the fresh and vibrant you find the heavy hitters like Meursault Chardonnay that are buttery and rich.


The final verdict is in. Rose is not just for summer! Elegantly pairing with all year favorites like seafood, charcuterie, and light pastas. Originating from Provence France, during the Roman empire they founded the city Marseille. Rose wine flourished when the local monasteries and abbeys started investing in the wine market.


Rain drops on roses, whiskers on kittens, Sherry, Marsala, Port, and Madeira, these are a few of my favourite things. Fortified wine is probably the most formidable wine out there. It had to last long ship voyages from Spain and Portugal with lots of heating and cooling, to do so, they added brandy to the finished wines to proof them for the trip. Bon voyage!


Dom Perignon, the man, the myth, the legend spent his whole life trying to rid the bubbles in Champagne. He spent countless years researching how to stop the effervescent effect reoccurring in the drink. Though there are many sparkling wines out there, to be Champagne it must come from the Champagne region and it must follow the tradition method.


Everything that isn’t Champagne. We got your cremant, your prosecco, asti, sket, cava, lambrusco, and the list goes on! Don’t be fooled, just because its not Champagne doesn’t necessarily mean its lower quality. When you are celebrating a job promotion or a wedding, we all like to pop some yummy bubbles.

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