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Waterford Arcadian – Organic Gaia 1.2 (50% abv) 

The Arcadian Series represents our otherworldly garden of delights. We sought out maverick farmers, inspirational growers, iconoclasts whose ethos & way of life respects the land & the old ways in the pursuit of pure flavours over yield imperatives. Gaia, the neopagan goddess of yore, a personification of Mother Earth herself, is a fitting custodian to bring forth Ireland’s first whisky distilled from certified organic Irish barley.

Waterford Arcadian – Organic Gaia 1.1 (50% abv) 

Waterford’s Arcadian series celebrates radical barley growers and alternative farming philosophies, focusing on the pursuit of flavour over crop yield. The first installment is Organic Gaia 1.1, Ireland’s first organically-certified whisky using 100% organic Irish malted barley, sourced from six different Irish farms with total transparency and traceability.

The Arcadian series is a provenance-driven range of whiskies made from organic, biodynamic and heritage grains that explore Irish “teireoir” – the influence of a farm’s microclimate and soil type on the growth of barley and the resulting impact on the flavour of the whisky.

No colouring, chill-filtration or additives are used whilst precise milling and mashing, long fermentation and slow distillations extract the maximum flavour. Gaia 1.1 was distilled in 2016 and then matured for three years and nine months in 42% first-fill American, 23% premium French, 17% Virgin American oak and 18% Vin Doux Naturel casks.


Waterford Single Farm Sheestown Edition 1.2 (50% abv)

This second edition of Sheestown uses barley grown by Phil O’Brien in County Kilkenny, on a rugged, predominantly limestone, well-drained, low-lying terroir. This Waterford is aged 4 months longer than version 1.1, which is about 10% more aging and makes tangible changes.

Distilled in 2016, bottled at 50%, without colourings or cold filtration, this 100% Irish Single Malt develops a complex character, centered on gourmet and spicy notes.

Using 100% Irish barley, recognized as the most qualitative in the world, the new Single Farm Origin range is a series of limited editions of natural whiskeys with ultra-sharp provenance that reveal the Irish terroir farm by farm, place by place. They are the expression of precision and rarity, revealing the aromas and flavours of barley sourced from small Irish farms varying with each harvest.

Waterford Single Farm Ballymorgan Edition 1.2(50% abv)

The second release of Ballymorgan Single Farm Origin Irish single malt whiskey from Waterford is made exclusively with barley grown by Robert Milne in County Wexford. Fruity aromas of orange, mango and treacle fill the nose, complemented by notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh malt on the palate.

Blackwater No. 5 Small Batch Irish Gin (41.5% abv)

Blackwater No. 5 Gin is made in West Waterford, Ireland, by the Blackwater Distillery (which was set up by Peter Mulryan in 2015). Using their beautiful 300-litre still, charmingly named Sally, the Blackwater Distillery makes their No.5 Gin using a selection of 12 botanicals, including juniper, nutmeg, liquorice, coriander and cinnamon. You get plenty of the cinnamon and citrus coming through on the nose and palate, with touches of spice bringing a comforting warmth to the exciting flavour profile. Master of Malt

Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Gin (40% abv)

The gin, which is distilled and bottled at Blackwater’s micro-distillery in County Waterford, uses 100% soft fruit grown in the neighbouring county of Wexford. After distillation, strawberries and blackcurrants are macerated in the liquid to give the gin its colour. Peter Mulryan, Blackwater’s distiller, said: “This is a dry gin, not a sweetened liqueur. We’ve simply use strawberries as the hero botanical! “As such this is a seasonal gin, so we will cease production when the strawberries run out.” Wexford Strawberry Gin is Blackwater’s third gin release, following the classically styled Blackwater No.5 and the Juniper Cask variant.