Brilla Prosecco Rosé DOC$19.99

Delicate and complex bouquet with fruity notes that remind of peach, green apple and lemon. Floral notes of acacia and…

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Cavit Collection Prosecco Doc Extra Dry$19.99

A fruity fragrance with a slight hint of citrus. Bright, light and subtle with a well-balanced flavor. The grapes are…

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Col Fondo Asolo Prosecco DOCG$22.99

This Asolo Prosecco DOCG "Col Fondo" comes from the desire to rediscover the old tradition of father Emilio in…

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Fiol Prosecco DOC$17.99

FIOL Classic is an award winning, refreshing and smooth expression of the Glera grape, beautifully balanced and…

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Freixenet Prosecco D.O.C.$25.99

Made from the finest Glera grapes in Italy’s Prosecco region of Veneto, Freixenet Prosecco is as distinctive as it is…

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Gigglewater Prosecco$21.99

Inspired by the 1920's American term for an alcoholic beverage, Gigglewater offers a prosecco DOC. “Playful and…

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Gigglewater Prosecco Rose$21.99

A delicious "Prosecco" style Rose with bubbles! Bright, fresh and fruity, with hints of strawberry, it's the perfect…

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Giusti Asolo Prosecco Extra Brut$24.99

This Prosecco with controlled and guaranteed designation of origin is made with the best Glera grapes coming from…

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Giusti Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 200ml$8.99

The Prosecco Superiore aperitif par excellence, where enveloping fruity notes predominate that immediately make you…

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Giusti Prosecco DOCG Extra Brut By Graziana Grassini$49.99

Hilly area of ​​"Montello", Municipality of Nervesa della Battaglia (TV). On the southern slope that dominates the…

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Giusti Prosecco Rosalia DOC $13.99

WineScores' Review Pretty, floral, delicate. A pretty new wine with an equally pretty name. Expect crisp tree fruit…

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Il Mio Gusto Limonsecco$16.99

The sparkling, refreshing Limonsecco in a cork-sealed bottle is a blend of Limoncello and delicious sparkling wine.…

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La Marca Prosecco$20.99

A crisp, refreshing style and delicate, floral palate. Fruity aromas of green apple, juicy peach and ripe lemon hints…

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Maschio Prosecco

Maschio recommends the DOC Treviso, emblem of the ‘historic area’ of the appellation, in a less usual version, with a…

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Masi Casa Canevel Prosecco Brut$25.99

Appearance: Light straw in colour. Nose: Fulsom and intense fragrances characterized by notes of pear and light floral…

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Masi Casa Canevel Prosecco Rose Brut$25.99

In 2020, a murmur went through the wine world. Until then, Prosecco was only known in one color. White. But in 2020, a…

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Villa Sandi Prosecco Il Fresco Brut$20.99

Fine Italian bubbly. Pours a pale lemon with delicate, persistent bubbles. Lifted aromas and flavours of ripe pear and…

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