Ancnoc Peatheart Batch 3 (46% abv)


Throughout the Scottish uplands, most extensively in the north and west, you will find the heart of the peatlands. Remote and isolated yet rich in iconic wildlife, this environment rules the landscape and provides a valuable fuel for the whisky-making process. Peatiness can be controlled by the amount of peat burnt and the humidity of the barley. Peat smoke produces compounds called phenols and it is by it’s phenol content that a whisky’s ‘peatiness’ can be measured. This phenol content is expressed as ppm (parts per million) and to ensure a consistently high phenol content, Peatheart uses barley specified by our Master Blender, malted to 34 ppm. Phenols are lost during the whisky making process at various stages meaning the final ppm of the whisky is often less than the ppm of the malted barley. We have measured Peatheart Batch 3 at 13.3 ppm.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Pale Gold.

Palate: Peaty Smokiness laced with green apples and citrus, sweetened with a hint of vanilla and complemented by an oily smoky note which lingers in the finish.

Finish: Long and growing, distinctly spicy and sweet with warming, smoky finale.



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