*Ardbeg Anamorphic Islay Single Malt (48.2% abv)

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Alter the flavour of the ultimate smoky malt?
Have we lost our heads?
Yes. We have. Removing the cask heads and scoring them deeply to expose more wood during our intense “high mocha” toasting process, we’ve turned Ardbeg upside down and inside out…Tempering briny overtones, ramping up hidden chocolaty sweetness and magnifying sensations of mocha.
The result? A multidimensional dram that morphs between four elements – SWEET, SMOKY, HERBAL AND SPICY – all seamlessly merging in a mesmerising taste experience. As enigmas wrapped up in conundrums go, this takes Ardbeg to a whole new level.
Non chill filtered at 48.2%.


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