Black Bull Aged 30 Years Tale of Two Legends Nick Faldo Limited Edition (50% abv)


The Black Bull 30 Year Old was released by independent bottler Duncan Taylor as part of their new whiskey range “Tale of Two Legends”. It symbolizes the victories that professional golfer Nick Faldo won during his European Tour. The Speyside Single Malt consists of equal parts malt and grain, which were matured in sherry casks. Cool filtration and dye were omitted. The blended whiskey was bottled at 50 percent by volume.

Tasting Notes:
Nosing: The nose of the Doubled Matured Blended Whiskey presents itself with notes of rich fruit cake and nuts. Floral notes resonate.

Tasting: The Black Bull 30 Years Tale of Two Legends develops a balanced interplay of spicy and fresh aromas on the palate. It tastes of Christmas cookies and citrus fruits.

Finish: The Speyside Blended Whiskey has a long finish. It leaves behind dried fruits and a subtle spice.


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