Domaines Hine Bonneuil 2006, Cognac Grande Champagne (42.8% abv)


Cognac is most often a blend of eau de vie, sometimes as many as 1,200 of them. But Hine offers a collection of single-estate and single-vintage Cognacs from its vineyards in Grande Champagne, considered the best terroir in the growing region. This year, it released Bonneuil 2006, from just 19 casks. Made from solely Ugni Blanc grapes, the bouquet smells of honey and nougat and tastes of floral stone fruits. “[The year] 2006 was an exciting year for weather in the Cognac region,” says Hine’s cellar master Eric Forget. “Hot periods were immediately followed by heavy rain and storms before stabilizing just in time for the harvest period. The year’s volatile weather patterns resulted in an extraordinary Cognac—one rich with dominant fruit notes and delicate hints of toasted bread.”




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