Happy Dad Grape x Death Row Records (12 Pack)

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Happy Dad was founded in 2021 by a wild group of friends that wanted to make the best tasting hard seltzer. We enjoy drinking beer & seltzer, but don’t like the strange aftertaste and high carbonation from other hard seltzers.

Also, holding a skinny can isn’t cool.

After tons of tastings, we know we made the best hard seltzer for us and our friends.

Happy Dad is easy to drink, has low carbonation, refreshing with simple and delicious flavors in a regular can.

We are tired of the skinny can bullsh*t.

The Happy Dad Grape X Death Row Records 12 Pack is a limited edition, collector’s item beverage pack

that combines the refreshing taste of Happy Dad Hard Seltzer with the iconic branding of Death Row Records. This 12 pack features 355 ml cans of delicious grape-flavored hard seltzer, infused with the perfect amount of bubbles and just the right hint of sweetness.

The packaging pays homage to Death Row Records, a legendary record label known for its impact on hip-hop and popular culture. With its unique blend of flavors and eye-catching design, the Happy Dad Grape X Death Row Records 12 Pack is the perfect choice for those who appreciate great taste and iconic branding. Whether you’re a fan of Happy Dad, Death Row Records, or both, this limited edition 12 pack is a must-have for your collection.


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