InchDairne RyeLaw Single Grain Scotch Whisky Inaugural Release (46.3% abv)


RyeLaw is a single distillery Fife Scotch Whisky made from malted rye and barley. It is hammer-milled, mashed, outdoor-fermented, precision distilled and matured at InchDairnie Distillery in Fife.

RyeLaw is the only whisky in the world made using malted rye and distilled in a Lomond Hill still.

A spectacular whisky made from malted rye and malted barley that questions history, the first annual vintage from RyeLaw was distilled in 2017 and bottled in 2022. This Scottish Rye is a limited release and is the outcome of just a single week’s production, meaning that only 200 casks of this particular vintage were ever bottled, to be released worldwide.

As the only precision-distilled, malted rye and barley Scotch whisky in the world – RyeLaw is a stand-out in modern distilling, in a field of its own.

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