Old Forester Barrel Strength Personal Selection (65% abv) & Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon 1L (45.2% abv) – Craft Cellars Barrel Selections – Package Deal

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Old Forester Barrel Strength Personal Selection

After the repeal of Prohibition, my grandfather, George Garvin Brown II, developed a single barrel expression of Old Forester specifically for Bourbon aficionados. It was the first Single Barrel Bourbon for sale since the passage of the Bottled in Bond Act in 1897. Today, they honor the legacy of “firsts” that Old Forester began in 1870 with this unfiltered barrel strength offering.

Woodford Personal Selection

Today, Old Forester remains the distinguished choice for those who appreciate authenticity in their Bourbon. Individuals who wish to share a special place in this legacy have an exclusive opportunity to select a single barrel of Old Forester for purchase and personalization through our unique Single Barrel program.

Selecting this Woodford Personal Selection was a truly remarkable experience. It marks Craft Cellars’ inaugural Personal Selection from Woodford Distillery, a product of our very first visit to a Kentucky distillery, and the first “blend” we had the privilege of contributing to. Now, I understand you might be thinking, “Why trust a bunch of first-timers with such an important task?” Well, here’s the good news for all of us – this entire experience was guided by the illustrious Master Distiller, Chris Morris. His expertise in this field far surpasses all of our collective knowledge. He is a treasure trove of information, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome of this bourbon.


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