Caroni Trinidad 1998 24 Year Old (Quarterdeck Duncan Taylor)(50.7% abv)


In the picturesque Caroni region of Trinidad, an iconic distillery was born in 1918. Originally established as a sugar factory, it would later evolve into the renowned Caroni Distillery, which would go on to make its mark in the world of rum.

Caroni’s claim to fame lay in its exceptional rums. These spirits were celebrated for their full-bodied character, robust flavor, and distinctive taste profile. The distillery employed traditional methods, notably the use of pot stills, which contributed to the unique and rich essence of Caroni rums. Notes of molasses, tropical fruit, and earthy undertones became the signature of their creations.

Over the years, Caroni’s reputation transcended the shores of Trinidad, attracting praise and admiration from connoisseurs and rum enthusiasts worldwide. It became a source of national pride and a symbol of Trinidad’s rum-making heritage.

However, every saga has its downturns, and in 2003, the Caroni Distillery ceased its operations. Financial difficulties and shifts in the global rum market led to this unfortunate decision. Trinidad mourned the end of an era, and the closure left a void in the world of rum.

Despite the closure, Caroni rums remained highly sought after. Their scarcity only added to their allure, turning them into prized possessions among collectors and enthusiasts. Independent bottlers recognized the opportunity and released limited editions and single cask releases, ensuring that Caroni’s legacy lived on.

In recent years, there has been a revival of interest in Caroni rums. The Trinidadian government has taken steps to safeguard the Caroni name and heritage. Limited releases of Caroni rums have emerged in the market, thrilling those who yearned for a taste of this legendary distillery’s creations. These bottles have become coveted items, fetching significant prices at auctions and attracting a devoted following.


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