Vecchio Amaro del Capo Riserva del Centenario “100th Anniversary” (37.5% abv)


Vecchio Amaro del Capo Riserva is dedicated to the Centenary of Distillery Caffé (1915-2015), was produced in limited quantities and in a new bottle specially made for the occasion. Its long preparation involves the infusion of numerous herbs, flowers and Calabrian fruits according to ancient craftsmanship methods and the use of fine pieces of wine spirits aged long in Slavonian oak barrels. A rare product of meditation to be enjoyed on the best occasions, in the rooms that stand out and in the houses of the most demanding connoisseurs. A unique and sophisticated liqueur, which fully represents Italy among the most popular “premium” spirits in the world.

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In 2015 the Caffo Distillery celebrated 100 years of business and wished to produce a very special gift for all those who love its liqueurs and spirits. The master distillers thus created the Vecchio Amaro del Capo Riserva del Centenario, produced in limited quantities. The bottle design is an exclusive creation and each bottle bears a number, underlining its uniqueness as a one-off item.

The Reserve is the result of a lengthy and skillful process: Calabrian herbs, flowers and fruits infused according to ancient artisan methods combine with a superlative wine spirit, aged at length in Slavonian oak and conserved for decades in storehouses that are controlled directly by the Italian State.

What emerges is the precious liqueur that is then further aged in oak barrels, to achieve optimum harmony among all its ingredients.

Just a glance at its intense gleam of amber will allow you a foretaste of aromas and flavours that will remain in your memory: citrus, candied fruit, saffron, with a hint of cinnamon, of liquorice and vanilla. Ideal for those seeking a contemplative product, who want to experience all the magic of an exclusive recipe.

Choose the right moment to enjoy a spirit that is unique in the world! To enjoy this spirit to the full you should drink the Vecchio Amaro del Capo Riserva del Centenario at room temperature.


Vecchio Amaro del Capo Riserva del Centenario has been awarded the Grand Gold Medal at the World Spirits Selection Competition in Brussels (2016 ed.), being recognized as the best herb liqueur in the world.

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